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Bike Recommendations: HT 29er... (for a mate)

Can anyone suggest, (or maybe they might have seen) any wicked deals on a 29er hardtail for about 500-700 quid that can go on finance...?

I've got a mate who's looking into getting a bike for general use and I'm thinking this option will keep riding options fairly open, i.e. do it all...
Boardman 29er? Especially if he can get it on Cycle To Work. Either that or a 0% credit card should do the job.

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Ride to work scheme? if his work is happy to do this is seems well worth it, £1000 bike works out at about £600ish I think and you it comes out your wages each month I think?  spoke to someone the other day who just got one of the new 650b Whyte bikes on it from Canterbury cycles uk . looks good to 8)
But even after paying for the bike in full you don't own the bike. Your employer does. You then have to pay your employer for it to transfer ownership and are taxed on any discount below what HMRC consider the market rate for the bike. The worth of the cycle scheme has diminished massively in recent years as HMRC have prioritised getting more tax from a few bicycles than taxing Amazon & startbucks et al.

Be better off buying it on a 0% card or something and paying that off monthly.
What General said ^^^.  On cycle to work I only saved about £100 on the Cube and it took 5 years before I owned it.

As to what 29ers are good and cheap, I have no idea.
It s'okay - our Employer doesn't even entertain the idea of Ride 2 Work so it's a no go.

Am hoping to find him something 2013 that was say 1k reduced to 600ish!
If he's my height he can have my Boardman 29er for £700, only done 8 miles or so on it Smile
How's one of theses <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ab-reiter2</a><!-- m --> no 0% but as said could use a credit card?
Shame about ride to work, some people reckon it's great other say it soooo bad, have been told that the employer owns it but every one Iv heard of just let them have the bike  with no fee no fuss.
Is he totally off the idea of a 26" bike? Some great buys out there in this price range.

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