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Chain/Ring/Cassette wear on the roadie.
Fall into the group that normally replaces everything when it's all beyond repair, I don't replace the chain.

How many miles would you expect to get out of it all, ridden in all weather, cassette, chain and ring?
Cassette and chain rings depend on how often chain is replaced. Also depends on pedalling style. If you're pushing big gears putting out a lot of torque expect them to last less time. Can be anything from 2-5,000 miles.  I aim for a chain every 4/5 months on the roady. Cassette for every 2 chains and chain rings for every 3 chains. Ish.  I love how smooth and silently a new chain runs.
Ive had about 3000km out of my roadie chainset so far, checked the chain last weekend and its not even reached .75% stretch Thats in most weathers and plenty of mucky roads/lanes. Cassette and chainrings are looking fine as well.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Chain around 1500-2000 miles, i do use a chain checker, and I'm on my second cassette

never had to replace my chainset yet

All depends on your pedalling style.

Spin !!
I'm now have thousands of miles on my roadie.
It's very nearly 10 years old I think - bottom of the range Camag groupset.
Not yet changed the chain ;D
I bought my bike secondhand about 5 years ago, and it had significant wear on the drivetrain at the time, with the seller saying the bike had about 3000 miles on it.  I replaced the chain, cassette, and middle 42t ring shortly after I bought it.  I replaced the chain after about 3000 miles, and have just changed the chain and cassette after another 2000 miles.  The 42t ring does have some wear on it, and doesn't mate perfectly with the chain by eye, but it doesn't skip or anything.  It does however make a bit of noise, almost akin to spokes pinging.  The 52t big ring does have a bit of wear by eye as well, but runs fine.  The 30t granny only sees about 1-2% of those miles, so has very little wear.  I also spend very little time cleaning my drivetrain, so meticulous upkeep may have given greater life.  I may replace the whole chainset since I've seen new 105s for less than £60, which is the cost of a couple of rings.
"Longjon" Wrote:All depends on your pedalling style.

Spin !!

That has the potential to be a very long & interesting debate......

There are lots & lots of factors to consider, but fact is that the more "teeth" the chain is on for any given power the less wear there will be as the forces are distributed over a greater surface area.
It gets complicated as there are so many variables & generally as you increase chainring size you'll reduce sprocket size on the cassette.
Also need to think about the additional friction caused by asking the chain to pull tighter turns on the cassette or chainrings & the increased wear if you are "cross chaining."

I honestly think that differing "style" & cadence have little overall effect on drive chain wear.
Rider weight, power, shifting & maintainence have much greater effect & luckily are easier to consider Wink

[edit]Jeez! I can be dull, eh?[edit]
I'd keep riding 'til it starts to slip, then change everything at one time. This may be years away and by then prices will have dropped and you'll be able to upgrade for significantly less than you would have spent on replacement chains over same time. Just keep it clean and oiled.

EDIT - My Carrere got a new drivetrain about 5 years ago, it's been through two salty Glasgow winters and two wet southern winters of daily use and has just last week started to slip under power in the middle ring. I'm gonna strip it and go singlespeed I think
Keep it foolish...
Well the bikes done 6000 on the original drivetrain... it's not slipping but the shifting isn't brilliant and it's all sounding a bit knackered. I've changed the bb 3 times and have just done all of the cables and outers.

On my mtbs I'd normally change the cassette and chain when it starts slipping, it looks like I'm going to have change the rings as well on this.

Yankee where have you seen the 105?
Merlin are shifting some Shimano kit cheap at the moment. PSA over on STW.

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