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Sketchy Talent Thread
Thought this may be a good idea for a thread, since I've been up for hours and bored.

I have absolutely no talent at anything, biking related or otherwise, so there must be people out there taking more than their fair share of talent from the talent pool.  Perhaps people could post up vids/pics of their non bike related talents, whether it be music based, other sports, RC cars (Breezer), extreme ironing, rubix cubing, painting etc etc

What have you?
Ermmm.....ermmm.... I'm a pretty good skier i think, can do double black diamond and mogal runs, sensible sized jumps etc, can even do a 360 flat spin Smile Other than that i am very talented at being talentless :B
One of my paintings and my model making

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Nice work with the tour pic. Tank must've taken an age to paint.
Yeah probably about 10 ish hours work painting and airbrushing
I have three and a half post graduate engineering degrees. Fairly crap at everything else though (especially riding my bike!)
Can't believe no one has made sexual references yet.
"Lee G" Wrote:Can't believe no one has made sexual references yet.

He asked for things we're good at - we're honest if nothing else ;D

My particular talent would probably be a real penchant for being kind of adaptable.
I can pretty much do anything, but nothing particularly well.
Most the stuff I do is posted on my twitter
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In a previous life I used to fly RC Helicopters and competed for a few years at national level, I even had a few decent sponsors. Eventually I got bored and bought a bike. Now I just ride, with just about average ability Smile

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