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Does anyone listen to music when riding??
If so what type
the sweet sweet buzz of rubber on dirt ? the bangs and crashes of me falling off into a bush ? :B

i dont tend to listen to music, onroad or offroad, i get distracted far to easily as it is Undecided
I don't do music while riding....

though, I did realise how much I miss the 'music' of a hope hub when I was waiting for it to be fixed....
I dont listen to music whilst riding either.

Yes not having a Pro II hub anymore is weird, I have nothing to alert ramblers that im within 50m of them now  Sad
i listen whilst out riding on my own, but am always humming a tune when out with others.

and i listen to all types of music
I only listen to music ony beach rides as that's the safest place to do so. Don't think I could listen to
Music while on singltrack. The voices in my head keep me company anyway, they're a freindly bunch.
"cruiser1000" Wrote:Does anyone listen to music when riding??
If so what type

I've worn my iPod when riding along the seafront or some other fairly tame ride but never offroad.  Always have something stuck in my head when riding though.  At Afan this year I was determined to get some AC/DC stuck in there, so listened to lots of that on the drive up, but still ended up with Lady Gaga as my "earworm" !  How does that work ?  Could not get that "poker face" track out of my head all the way round whites level when I was hoping to hear AC/DC singing about big balls...
I have to be careful with the music channels late at night otherwise I end up with some god awful pop tune stuck in my head going over and over for ages as I try to get to sleep
I took mm MP3 player on my sunday ::ahem:: road ride ::ahem:: with volume sensible it was actually perfectly safe and with the right tracks it really helped me keep the pace up in training for the L2B.
If i ride on my own i always have my ipod in my pack and my small headphones in. I have it at a sensible volume so i can still hear everything else. I listen to all sorts but like a bit of Bloc Party in the woods.

I also listen to it snowboarding, skating, walking, working... I love music and try to take it everywhere with me.

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