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Up north....
Some clips from a ride weekend before last up Newcastle way. Technically 2 rides but on the same day with a short drive inbetween. I would have ridden between them but barely been riding recently and only really on the road which explains the mincing......also it was the first time I had ridden any of the trails and of coure go pro's flatten footage making it look even lamer....

Anyway, quite a variety, lots of rocks which I like, bit slow and less "flowy" but a change and I like those more technical trails. The section which starts at 4:37 ish I struggled to walk up and couldn't actually go any slower down as the steepness which you can't really see was such that even with XT brakes I was struggling to keep the speed sensible. Moment of incompetence at 6:35, nice steep (for me) bit at 6:45, first attempt I twatted the saddle on the go pro despite it being fully lowered as I was so far off the back of the bike!!

Youtube......this was on a borrowed go pro 3 something or other. Despite encoding in the exact format, bit rate, settings etc they say to use, the quality was horrendous. The only way to get it vaguely OK was to do it in a far lower quality wmv but they then left that alone so the verison online is better! although still far worse than the original. Make sure you put it in 720 HD else it's like watching an oil painting

[media width=500][/media]
Excellent vid, though you have arms like a whippet's schlong
Keep it foolish...
YouTube's compression is horrendous, my PORC vid looks horrible compared to the original too. Yours is indeed an oil painting over 3g so have to wait till i get home.
Superb work. It's good to see some proper natural riding for a change.
I've just watched the whole thing, looks like you found some really good trails, and some of the steeper stuff there looks like it was hairy. What are you riding now?
Keep it foolish...
Great video! Nice to seem some nice rocky techy natural trails! Looks good damn good fun!
"alkali" Wrote:I've just watched the whole thing, looks like you found some really good trails, and some of the steeper stuff there looks like it was hairy. What are you riding now?

2013 Salsa Horsethief, 140 front, 120 rear, 29er. Was lot steeper in reality. This photo was taken shortly before the one on the random bike photo thread, looks a bit different currently!! Recently swapped to a 35mm stem which I am liking.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Did you take it apart so you could put the forks back on the correct way round?  Tongue
awesome vid enjoyed that Smile
Nice looking riding there mr breezer  Smile never thought to head to there to ride, always if going that far head on to the land of the sporran.
Find utube fine for slow moving images but as soon as any gets a move on it runs like poo  Sad
Went on to watch your snow and ice adventure, another good one  ;D

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