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Order Your Sketchy MTB Jersey
OK Everyone, we are now nearing the stage for ordering your very own Sketchy Shirt:

Im going to lay this thread out in easy to digest steps, so no-one gets confused, gets the hump, or misunderstands.
(Apoglogies beforehand if this is like teaching you to suck eggs, but Ive been plenty f*cked about in the past for a lot less hassle)

OK Facts you need to know:

1 : This design can be put onto a standard Racing Cycle Jersey / Freeride Jersey : All in Long and Short sleeved variety at any size. The choice is YOURS
2 : The shirts are being purchased from
3 : The total price for this project is a "Parking ticket at Bedgebury" price shy of £1000.  (£993.60 to be exact)
4 : Due to various sponsorship dealings we have managed to get the shirt price down to £20 per shirt.
5 : A limited run of 30 shirts are being made, any requirements for shirts thereafter will be at the full price of around £33 (which is still a damn good price IMHO)
6 : All members have priority over non-members and those requiring 2 shirts will be duly asked to drop their requirement to 1 shirt if demand determines this to allow for more members purchases.
7 : Its nice to think that all Sketchy attendees to the Bontrager 24/12 are buying a shirt, along with any associated team-mates (Please see 6 though if demand gets that high)
8 : Payment is to be made upfront to myself before any order is made with the supplier - I cannot afford for people changing their minds as it's a huge financial undertaking (see 3)
9 : YOU are responsible for the size of the shirt you buy, no returns or refunds will be possible (Unless an almighty f*ck up by the supplier which affects us all) See the sizing details in this thread for more info.


Number 1:  This is the shirt design, everyone has given it the thumbs, up : If you have any comments/queries/praise/rant about it - DO IT NOW otherwise this is what you are getting.  Click the image for a super large version to inspect.


Number 2 : Is your name on the list? I would like this list complete and final by 5pm on Friday 15th May This gives certain people time to be chased, ask 24/12 team members etc.

Number 3  :SIZE - Ensure you order the right size, its advised you measure your favourite jersey and compare to their chart here:

Number 4 : Payment.  I will only be ordering when I have the full amount in my grubby palms account. This is to ensure your order is binding and no-one messes anyone about.

Paypal is preferred as its fast, instant and secure.  You can pay using the "GIFT" method which is:

Login/Join Paypal at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Click "Send Money"

Make the payment payable to my company email address which is: sales(at)  (Reconstruct that line to a proper email address obviously)

The payment is £20 per shirt.

Mark the payment as a Gift (very important)

Under any notes, simply put your Sketchy username and nothing else please.

If the "Gift" option is not used and I incurr charges, I will refund the payment and ask you to try again.

If there is anything Ive missed, please ask or say now.
2 things:

the sizing link doesnt work ... i think you left yourself logged onto a account then gave us the link throwing up a please log ina gain page[MOD]done[/MOD]

as mentioned before i cannot make payment till friday the 22nd, i assume this will cause problems ?? im definetly intrested 100%, so i can assure you that i wont back out, i would like to take 1 jersey for the time being though
Good effort Ben! Will PM you for payment details...
Just had response to CycleJersey regarding the design, it needs tweaking to fill all main/important graphics within the SMALL jersey boundary - this may effect the overunning nature of the design with the S logos.....

Working on it now - I'll simply replace the main image up top so no-one gets confused.

EDIT : Main image now updated;


Main content items have been moved into the smaller jersey outlines, anyone wanting a jersey any bigger than small will benefit from the extra print outside of that line.
good work Ben, i can confirm that I am ordering 1 x small size freeride short sleeve top. I can pay you in cash if I see you on a weds night or I assume paypal (though I have not used it before.) This is no small feat you have achieved so thanks again.
Keep it foolish...
&quot;alkali&quot; Wrote:good work Ben, i can confirm that I am ordering 1 x small size freeride short sleeve top. I can pay you in cash if I see you on a weds night or I assume paypal (though I have not used it before.) This is no small feat you have achieved so thanks again.

Cash is fine Mike, however Im not at Blean this week due to still feeling a bit bashed up and trying to rest a bit.

You may want to pass it to Ade who I can meet or who can hold it for a bit until Im about if Ade doesnt mind (he's closest to me - but not in a gay way!  Wink )

Update : Cyclejersey are now saying the sleeve logos are too big, so I need to adjust, but Im not doing it by much.
Edited again : Sleeve area logos reduced, as advised they would be unreadable due to the seem and circumference.

This mainly applies to Tinc and Laggingbehind as its their logos.

Was advised to make logo length the length of half the circumference - I've done this, but added a little extra for luck as most riders are a L or XL Jersey.
Nice work Ben. How would you like me to pay i can send Paypal if you wish??
&quot;Deadpool2e&quot; Wrote:Nice work Ben. How would you like me to pay i can send Paypal if you wish??

Yep, Im kinda waiting for some clever Paypal whizz to advise how to do it without me incurring the fee.

Basically pay £20+the fee....

Anyone? - Laggingbehind seemed to have an idea.
Right, I've updated the Spreadsheet with my final details.

With regards to Paypal, I remember a while ago I sent a payment to a friend, and he got charged, so he refunded it (and incurred no charge) and neither did I.
I'll PM you in a second Ben with details I would need and I'll send my payment and we can see what happens when you give me all i would need, paypal e-mail addy etc.


I can do a direct bank transfer (which I think I may be charged for, so for the sake of a quid I'll do Paypal)

Steve, is there absolutely no way you can get some kind of loan (beg, borrow, steal, sell yourself?) to get a £20 deposit. Maybe ask your mum to keep hold of it untill you need it? Or if your attending Blean this week give it to Ade?
I would say give it to me, but I won't be riding this Friday as it's next week I'm off work.. So over the time limit.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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