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So I'm in the process of joining the ranks of boarders need recommendations for boots, helmet, boards and bindings thanks also not mega bucks
In my opinion mate bindings and the board are pretty much neither here nor there (when you are a beginner) but boots are very important. Well worth spending a bit of cash on a pair that fits perfectly and will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day. I always go for ThirtyTwos and get them heat moulded (which is fairly common on a lot of boots), what you don't want is heal lift which is very annoying and the curse of cheap boots.

I've had a fair few boards and usually go for Nitro but brands like Burton, K2, Ride, Nitro & Salomon are the biggies which you can't really go wrong with but make sure the board is for beginner or at a push beginner/intermediate. If you jump on top spec board then you'll be pretty pissed (and wont enjoy it) as the thing wont respond much unless you are good, Terje Haakonsen (showing my age) or going at mach 3).
How much boarding have you done??
I would recommend buying boots & hiring equipment. Boots are most important for comfy fit, I got mine from TSA in London or Snow & Rock can't remember but were heated to mould to your feet. Important to try lots of makes to get a good fit, as different manufacturers are better for wider feet or flat feet etc.
I get heal lift in my boots but been riding for years & does not bother me.... ;D
I ski not board, but i concur with the above that you should definitely buy the boots and hire the board. I used to have a lot of problems with cheap boots, heal lift is a big problem with ski boots too. If you are not comfortable you won't enjoy it.
I've had my own boots for years and always hired boards - had them heat fitted at purchase, have been brilliant since.
Really got on well with Flow bindings, and insisted on them for a few years, but last time I hired a Salomon board & bindings and that was a crackin setup. Dunno what they were, but super comfy, responsive & more importantly FUN!

Get some Merino socks and base layers too if you can (TK Maxx, Decathlon, Mountain Warehouse) as they'll keep you toastie without getting sweaty.

Hire at the resort too - if you have any issues just take it back & they'll sort you out.
Have you boarded before ever? Hire for your first attempt, it's expensive once you start buying gear
Keep it foolish...
Complete novice just learning !!
Great advice on boots guys thanks that's probably my next purchase as I detest using someone else boots
Id go with what alkali said , wouldn't buy anything to start with just hire, beg , steal or borrow things. TK max is good for coats, which at least you can use for other things.  
At least go and have a bash at a snow slop, dry sloops can put people off if they haven't boarded before but Hemel Hempsteds not to far for a go.  Smile
Speaking purely from my own experience (Skiing - but it's all cold, painful and expensive to begin with) I'd def hire gear. My first experience was in Andorra about 15 years ago, the dudes in the shop were helpful, patient and answered my n00b questions without any snooty attitude. Since then I've hired in Austria and Switzerland and it's always been the same, decent staff and good service.

I finally own my own boots and skis and the difference is noticeable, I can control the skis better and with more feedback, they have more bite and feel reliable (I know this sounds daft, but bear with me) If I'd have had my own proper stuff on my first trips skiing would I have learned faster or had a better experience? Not a chance. I'm now a capable skier and can appreciate the difference but it's taken time to get to that level.

GF is a very good skier as she's done it from childhood (Bloody Foreigners) she bought some new boots on our last trip skiing, they were eye wateringly expensive but she wanted something suitable for her skill level as her old boots were second hand 15 years ago. The new ones were awesome but so they should be.

If you do buy boots, why not get them at the resort? The guys there supply, fit and service boots all day every day, they know their stuff and if it's not right then you'll know within a couple of hours riding so you can go back in the afternoon and talk to them. Buy it in the UK and take it with you and you're stuck with what you've got. It took about 2 hours for GF's boots to be chosen and fitted, the guy was an expert and obviously knew his stuff.

I'd save a little cash, hire gear this time round and spend your money on tuition.

Ha! Just remembered, my mate went on a snowboarding trip to Canada with some other friends. He forgot to tell them he had never stepped onto a board before. He had a shit time. He thought it would be like skateboarding, I had to laugh, he was crap on a skateboard too.

Have a great trip dude, where you off to?
Keep it foolish...
Nowhere yet I'm still doing my lessons at Gillingham
Defo want my own boots as I can't bear sticking my feet in some boots someone else has used
Just wanted some brands to geek over the summer before heading of later in the year

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