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Santa Cruz Nomad 2014/YT Capra
As discussed at Surrey, considering a 650b. Looked at lots but like this the most; mainly coz it's pretty & I fancy some 1x11. Rather expensive if I have the sexy wheels :o but hoping I can ride it like the guys in the vid Tongue 8 wk wait, & get to try one on Monday. I'm right on the border of a medium & large so good to be able to get a feel for it first 8)


All fabulous Sketchy thoughts & opinions most welcome...... seems all my yellow gear will still look OK:

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Decent choice I guess - I think we said on Monday at Surrey that it's possibly a bit much for anywhere around here unless you were going to use it for the local DH races which I reckon it would rip (PORC etc)....

I'd be worried that you'll lose that zippy light feeling that you get with the 5010 and Bronson (if we are comparing). It seems it is primarily geared towards riding downhill?  Undecided

I personally would not go for the Enve wheels - build up a set of Chinese Carbon (light bike rims) that will be just as light and super stiff (love mine). The Enve's only get lighter when you start speccing the DT Swiss ceramic hubs which are about £700??!??!!?!?!?!  :X Spend the extra money if you have to on some training with Jedi.

On a positive note - My SC has instantly become the love of my life. I feel faster on it, it fits perfect (Large - you must be a medium), The pikes are wonderful, The carbon rims are awesome, and 1x11 is something I've always been missing.

Please don't buy on colour alone. And be careful when you test ride - it will feel amazing regardless - try a bronson and a 5010 as well so you can understand the differences in that range....  

My 2p....

Loves x
Looks perfect for leaning up against a VAG vehicle in Surrey car parks
YT industries Capra, probably half the price if the nomad.
She rides at Surrey though Jams and fashion is the no.1 concern over everything else such as value, rear axle paths, geometry/measurements/incorrect gearing/nonsense rims/insertmorehilariousthingshere/etc  Big Grin
&quot;Jams&quot; Wrote:YT industries Capra, probably half the price if the nomad.

+1,  definitely be on my list to look at when it's new bike time.

I wouldn't have thought you would need as much travel as the nomad when you already have a downhill bike?
Plus you can bling up any bike with different colours etc to make it unique..
Yes. Buy it. It's perfect for you.
That thing looks goppingly ugly! Like it's been gang banged by a crayola set.
&quot;Blackers&quot; Wrote:To use for what?
Where is the riding that is too much for something like your meta but not quite enough for a DH bike?
If it is to replace the meta it seems overkill.
SC have other pretty 26.8" bikes more suited to UK riding.
But yes, that Nomad is rather nice to look at.

It's only 5mm more rear travel than the Meta, has a steeper seat tube which will make pedaling easier, and it's lighter, so apart from the ridiculous price tag, it sounds pretty good to me. The YT Capa looks really good too so i would definitely recommend looking at that too.
It is quite similar to the Meta but with added plus's! However I'd add that both are edging the wrong way when it comes to what we ride here in the UK - especially when you've a downhill bike to go be 'knar' on.

Having ridden the Bronson down all the FOD black runs, it was in no way out of it's depth and I could pedal it allll day! And it still feels agile and 'alert'.

My conclusion is that the Nomad would be too much bike for your general go too trail bike.

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