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Rockshox Recon Sl upper tubes
Hello, please can someone please advise advise whether recon upper tubes (especially the above) are steal or alloy?

Also a purchased some dust seals and foam rings for it (32mm) but the foam rings are thinner (in height) than previous ones. Does this make a difference if they did not fille the void?
Many thanks
Alloy Stanchions on Recons, assuming you mean the shiny tube that moves through the seal & foam rings.

The foam ring thickness maybe an indication of the wrong kit.....
I seem to recall reading that there are two kits:
1 with a thick foam ring & single seal
1 with thinner foam ring & inner & outer seals; with the ring beaing fitted between the two seals.

If you have a kit with 4 seals & your fork only has 2 total then you'll know this is the case.
Compare the height of your exisiting seal + ring to the new seal/ring/seal combo & you should have an idea if it'll work.

Either kit fits most forks, but not all iirc.

I can't be much more help without a lot of "Googleing," sorry.
Ahem, steel is an alloy, you mean 'alu'.
Keep it foolish...
You sir, are once again quite right to point out my lack of attention.

Although as they certainly aren't pure aluminium, I feel duty bound to point out that "alloy" is perfectly accurate although aluminium alloy would be more so Wink
Enough of your metallurgy trickery, you devilish scoundrel. I'm gonna forge me an iron bike.
Keep it foolish...

That & your magnetic personality would make for a troublesome pairing :o
Although would be a good excuse not to get off your bike again 8)
Oh ho, very good. I'd have a better comeback if I wasn't F[sub]e[/sub]-eling a little rusty
Keep it foolish...
"alkali" Wrote:F[sub]e[/sub]-

Big Grin
That's very good Big Grin

I am in complete ore Wink
Enough silliness, I'm gonna eat an Easter egg. Oh, it smelted.
Keep it foolish...

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