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Lung Capacity
Had mine tested today. 5.7 litres. Anybody else aware of theirs?
I know a man who definitely knows his - due to chronic condition Sad

Has to visit hospital far too regularly these days
How could I find out?
When I was a kid it was recommended I swim a lot to help with asthma, fortunately we had a swimming pool at home (how many Irish travellers have a swimming pool!) When we would go to the swimming baths in Maidstone with the school I could do 2 and a half lengths (60ish metres)  under water so at one time I had a huge lung capacity.
I think the test is a spirograph. Gp can do it.
Test it at home by fillng a large container with water & then upending it below the water level in the bath.
Stick one end of a tube in the container & the other in your mouth.
Big breath in & blow.

The water displaced from the container is your lung capacity, so you'll either need a graduated container or to weigh it before & after.
1 litre of water = 1kg.

Now the tricky science bit........
You need to know how much water is in the container before & after, so you need to be careful when putting the thing in the bath & taking it out again.
You need quite a big container & full of water that will be heavy - be careful.
Most of us don't use anywhere near our full capacity even when we breath in BIG.....  a spot of hyperventilating (fast breathing) before the big breath will help to get full capaicty.  Probably best to do it a few times & take an average.
You haven't empited your lungs if you can phew! straight away after you stop :Smile

Or go to the quacks get an MOT or get a sports performance test thingy.
"DaisyDaring" Wrote:I know a man who definitely knows his - due to chronic condition Sad

Has to visit hospital far too regularly these days

Smoking definitely doesn't help!!
I have to have mine checked yearly at work due to the chemicals and dust, mine was done 2 months ago and was over 6 litres, cant remember exactly, but the machine said "better than a 20yr old" which was the best it would measure, and has improved every year for the last 3 years or so Smile
"Treehugger" Wrote:Smoking definitely doesn't help!!

Yes, but it gives me something to give him LOADS of grief about ;D

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