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Hydraulic Brake info
Had problems with my Quad QHD1 Sting Pro brakes so emailed Quad got an immediate reply on a Sunday! I thought I would post the replys for information as they will apply to most hydraulic systems.

Inital problem was piston not moving in front caliper. I had tried bleeding with no luck.

The only reason for uneven piston movement can be that the piston seals are not equally lubricated. I suggest you take off the caliper from the fork but leaving the hose and BMC connected, pump the pads together, push right back, pump out again, do this about 3-4 times, this will lubricate the pistons seals and they should then move equally.
Failing this working, you can send the system to use and we will sort it out

Have done that all OK now, many thanks. Another question though is dragging caused by just too much fluid in the system, ie the cylinders were not all the way home when the system was bled?

Normally, you should have had a spacer that comes with the brake! If you havn't got this, leave the pads in place, pump together, prize apart with a flat blade screw driver and push right back as far as they will go into the cylinder & repeat several times.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the PISTONS are flush with the PAD BACKING PLATE / PISTON HOUSING when re-bleeding the system otherwise you can overfill, which in turn causes problems when the fluid expands and makes it difficult to replace the PADS. Basically it cannot push the BLADDER out as it should to accommodate the expanded fluid.
If you have overfilled the system, loosen off the BLEED NIPPLE on the caliper, pull the lever very slightly to evacuate some fluid and whilst hold the lever in that position tighten the bleed screw again. You only need a small dribble to come out! If after riding hard and the system is hot you get some dragging repeat the procedure to let out some fluid.Pads should retract 0.5 to 0.6 on either side!
Of course the best solution is to bleed correctly in the first place but this a remedial method rather than repeating the bleeding procedure.


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