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Been ooing & erring...
Last I read about it was that it had as people were being charged a few hundred at the end instead of the nonsense £1 sort of thing ie it was clamped down on big time. I rode my road bike on Monday for the first time this year and regret it.
From what I understand, IF I want to 100% own this £1k bike at the end of 12 months, you pay the tax on 25% of the initial cost, so about 20% of £250 would pay off the agreement, approx £50.
Think it's 12% at end of year 2, so about £25.

My Trek in 2009 cost me £50 per month (net reduction in wage), this'll cost me £52.50 net, so hardly any difference in 5 years tbh.

The other really good bit is, BAE's scheme gives me 7.5% of the value to spend on accessories, and Halfords have a Spend & Save thing on til Wednesday, which gives me another £60 off bits, so I'm getting XT SPD pedals & Lake MX175 shoes too for an extra £27 *hurrah*

We also get 10% off bike stuff & free labour on repairs or upgrades in Halfords for 12 months, which is nice.

We are limited to Halfords which put me off at first. However, where it took 3 weeks of faff in 2009, I applied on Friday morning & got the 'Letter of Collection' in my work email on Friday afternoon; could've applied & picked it up the very same day!

p.s. Before Breezer kicks off with "MTB pedals & shoes on a road bike is wrong, blah blah" I refuse to clackety clack around on my heels if off the bike, and will only need 1 decent pair of shoes for both bikes Smile
I use flat pedals, baggy shorts and a camelbak when I ride my roadie......Just bear in mind the Q factor is almost certainly narrower so you may find your cleats are not in the right place and overtime will give you knee issues
Q factor?  I'm guessing horizontal Distance between feet?
Looked at Road shoes & they don't seem to have offset cleat points, are MTB shoes likely to cause issues then?

Had a great result, actually get 20% discount, so shoes, pedals & a spare Continental race tube all within the voucher price!

White handlebar tape must go tho, who ever thought that was a good idea?
I just used my MTB shoes with the road bike to start with and they worked out OK.  In the end vanity made me get some white (road) shoes to go with the white bike, then the mtb pedals got quite notchy so I ended up buying road pedals too.  I really can tell the difference, but having said that was initially happy enough with the mtb shoes / pedals.  Road cleats are indeed much harder to walk in!!
There's actually a difference?
Back in the 90's I had spd's on the MTB and Time's on the roadie, both were good in their own way, can't really say either was better/worse.
I'd hope things have improved in 20 years, but no telling.
You get a lot more power through the pedals with a road shoe / cleat combo
Thanks Nick Smile

I've sorted the new shoes & cleats now, really solid clunk in/out that's working far better than old shoes.
Did a 32 miler with Wealden Cycle Club on Sunday, bike went really well & am most impressed with it. Even the 'crappy' tiagra shifters are shifting smooth n instant after many tweaks on Sunday. Such a good bike for the money Smile
Hey J!  Gotta go full carbon or don't bother, it's only money after all!  Love love love my lil Wilier! Wink
Plus I still use my beautiful Sidi MTB lil red shoes with SPD's for both bikes......and this is a woman speaking!   ??)don't need/like road shoes...(please no-one tell Mork I've spurned a pair of shoes...., :o
Glad I'm not the only one Suzz Smile
Only downside with the Boardman carbon is it's weight. THe claimed 8.7Kg is chunky, but I think it's nearer 10 (with pedals) tbh.

Apparently these wheels are 2.3Kg complete, so light'ish hoops & swapping Tiagra bits for 105/Ultegra would lose almost a kilo.
For the moment though, it's perfectly fine as is, aside from that white bar tape of course :X

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