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Been ooing & erring...
I've been toying with the idea of getting a roadie for a while now. Test ridden a few £2k bikes (Moda Molto, Bianchi Intenso, Scott Foil) and have a Giant Defy Advanced demo bike booked for the last weekend in June. All were great in different ways, but paying £2000 for a 105 equipped bike with low end wheels sounds very wrong to me, but the Giant seems good value compared to all the above & is obviously highly rated.

BUT I'm honestly not sure I'll enjoy a roadie as much as the MTB, and why should I spend 2 grand on something that may just sit in the shed!
Considered getting a nice 4" travel 29er and turning my hardtail into a rigid with skinny tyres, but even the £2k hardtails are heavier than my Trek, so what's the point?

So I've finally made a decision; I'll get a Boardman Road Carbon Team thru Cycle2Work which should only cost about £600 in real terms. IF I enjoy it I'll fit decent wheels & upgrade to 105 / Ultegra. It's 10 speed 105 at the rear, Tiagra kit and FSA cranks, so an easy upgrade route should I get into the smooth stuff.

Sorry for rambling on, just thought I'd share something that's been bugging me for ages, now I've finally settled on a good/sensible idea Smile
I was in the same boat a few months back and didn't want to waste money on something I wouldn't enjoy as much as the MTBs.  I took a punt and I'm glad I did!  The roadie adds a different dimension to my riding.  While I do prefer riding the MTBs, the roadie is fun in a different way and for the door to door convenience of getting an opportune hour or two in it takes some beating.  I used to ride the Whyte or my £50 town bike from the doorstep on an hour loop but this kind of riding is more fun on the roadie and you cover much more ground.  Tonight I hope to finish work at a reasonable time, get an hour or two in on the roadie and still be showered and fed in time to catch the cricket hilights Smile

My research took me (virtually) around all kinds of road bikes and manufacturers.   The Boardman bikes seemed good value but nobody could touch Planet X in terms of value.  They were outspeccing bikes in the same price range with ridiculous discounts.  I ended up with the carbon Ultegra with upgrades to wheels, seatpost, choice of bars, stem, carbon bottle cages etc with change from £1200.  The frame seems pretty good but my experience there is limited.  Maybe one day I'll fancy a different frame but if that's the case I'll swap over a lot of those components and it'd probably just be vanity that could make me switch

But that's just my 2p worth.  By the way - do plenty of research into the 'final valuation' bit of the CTW scheme - I've heard it has changed quite a lot and offers less value nowadays
Yes sometimes the final figure is massive now so you end up with no saving as it was clamped down on. If you are after a Boardman like I have, wait for a sale at Halfords then join british cycling for £25 and you get a further 10% off, I got my 10 speed carbon forked, ali framed Boardman for £550 this way down from £850 odd
Cheers for the tips guys, I'll certainly look at the deal when our C2W goes live next month.
From what I've gathered, we still pay about £50/month for 12 months on a £1000 bike, and at the end of that year you just don't own the bike for 4-5 years while it depreciates. There's nothing more to after 12 months pay unless you want to 'buy out the lease', which at 12 months is approx £350 (about what you saved) but after 5 years it's nothing.

Oddly I was just looking at wheelset deals and the PlanetX ultegra carbon came up, full ultegra & carbon frame for that price is mental! Certainly worth checking out mate.
If you leave the company then it is their bike as well I believe and you won't get any money back as you are essentially renting it off them until you pay the final settlement figure
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These seem hard to overlook too
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Thanks again guys, all useful info Smile

Breezer: won't leave this job any time soon mate, so that's not a worry at all Smile

Treacle: I've fancied the Ultimate CF since I first saw it reviewed last year and for the money it's easily my top choice, but as above I don't wanna throw £1900 on something I may not love. IF the Boardman gets a lotta use (assuming the deal is worthwhile) I'll prolly upgrade to something better in a couple of years. Sure it'll be cool as my first roadie in 20 years though Smile
For what it's worth, I do all my road rides on my 29HT with fast rolling knobblies atm simply because if I want to do the odd divert into a wood I can plus the roads are in such a shocking state these days I at least have some comfort and chance of not dying when falling into pot holes etc.

I have certainly got my monies worth out of my road bike though and will probably use it again at some point but it didn't come out much when the nights were dark as it just made the road situation even more lethal. I guess I could stick to busy lit main roads but that's a bit zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, rather be riding down country lanes
C2W has finally opened at work, and the £1000 Boardman Carbon will physically cost me £630.
Watching some Ultegra and 105 10sp levers on eBay, and a few wheelsets too, not to buy right now but to see what kinda prices they're going for.

Breezer - I'm still thinking along the lines of a nice 29er (or maybe even 650b *shocker*) and selling the Trek. That'll open up a whole new can of worms I'm sure, but it's all part of the fun Smile
My boardman cost me that in 2009. I thought c2w had become less efficient since then.

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