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L2B next weekend
Good luck and have fun, never know we may see each other on the way to Brighton. My start time is 8:30, I better get off the computer and on the train, choo choo Tongue
The bike was great, I love it.

The London to Brighton bike ride on the other hand....... a complete mess!

Last time i did it was about 2007/8, can't quite remember, but anyway, back then it was a great event, once you got our of London it wa pretty much clear road all the way down, I can't remember ever needing to wait at a junction or roundabout before.

Yesterday, we left Clapham bang on 08:30 and I arrived in Brighton at 5pm!!  :o

At every hill, incline, corner, junction, roundabout there was a cue, a long wait, getting off and walking with the bike, I spent over 1.5 hours OFF the bike. I get that there were some accidents that caused problems (one person was air lifted away I hope they are ok) but the main problem was down to the sell out of the event and to many people allowed to enter.

Some people I know got so fed up they left the route, added 12 miles to their journey and ended up on the dual carrigeway A23 in to Brighton.

Such a shame a great ride/event has been ruined, I do feel like letting the BHF know.

In short, I hated it!  >Sad
A colleague at work had a similar experience; apparently it was chaos with lots of people being caught by others riding recklessly with no thought for those going at a slower pace.

When I did it around 5 years ago, we were able to set off really early & I recall we were all back in Canterbury by 6pm - but it's just so dangerous & seems to get more so each year.

I am surprised that there is not more regulation for such a prominent event - especially with so many casualties Sad
In my experience (5 times participant, last time 2011) the only sensible way to do this event is to start at 6 and ride very defensively (expect to be undertaken, watch out for the skaters, expect some people to show off their downhill skills by going way too fast, etc). Seeing someone disappearing in a hedge is funny, seeing someone is a pool of blood isn't.

Going slightly off-topic but last year I did London to Canterbury and I liked that one much more. For starters it was about 300 participants rather than just under 30000, they feed you really well, cycling rather than avoiding accidents is the challenge and this year it finishes less than a mile from my home.
It's an open road event so except for the start and finish line anyone can join in, not sure why you would though. I didn't see any dangerous riding or any crashes just the usual people who wont ride as far left as possible, these are probably middle lane motorway hoggers too! Aside from crashes and dangerous riding, the main problem is the total number of riders. Not sure if they run in sesquence but I saw numbers as high as 46,000! There are so many bottle necks it just all backed up to a standstill even on flat sections.

Talking about it at work today and we've thought that as England were playing late a lot of people would of been up late so the early starters could of not all turned up meaning more people going out on the later starts causing more chaos, something the organisers should of thought about.

Our CEO was riding the event with 15-20 people from work and he's so annoyed by the danger it created that he's writing the BHF for an explanation. Marshalls were telling people which detour to take onto busy main roads.
Sorry the day was poo Sad
Glad the bike wasn't  ;D
From my experience (done it 5 or 6 times) if you start at 8:30 its a day in the saddle. Like mentioned previously its a 6:30 start at the latest or don't bother.....probably did my first one 25 years ago & its always been the same, same queues, same stop start out of London, same dangerous riders over taking / under taking & taking to the grass verges & same dangerously fast people doing down the hills.. Thats the London to Brighton for you
As Lagging says, I've left at 8.30 before and it's been horrible, leave at 6.30 and you can spank the ride and be on the beach not long after 11. I've done it 4 times but probably not again as the transport pre and post ride is a pain in the neck. Well done tho, it's a fair way.
Keep it foolish...
ditto, have done this twice, first time 8:00 start only to find ourselves in queues for the off with lots of people with start times of up to 10:30. oh did we snigger thinking  they'd get to the start to be turn back Big Grin but to our surprise they where let straight through with all the honest ones of us  :o what is this we thought European queueing! we're British don't you know. To be fair though if they don't let them through it would be a mess at the start with a mass of people blocking the park , but it means we got the constant stopping every few miles  :'( still just meant chatting to people while standing around (felt like the biggest sketchy ride ever Wink)
next time we went a late start time and it was a breeze all the way.
Sorry Forgot to say well done Ash,  ;D that s one big bike ride, especially when you haven't ridden in soooooo long.

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