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Cheap ceramic BB - any thoughts?
Found these:

Initial thoughts are to avoid like the plague, but this is less than I'm paying for standard external HT2/GXP BBs from CRC et al, which hardly last a few months anyway, so I'm straying into the 'worth a punt' mindset with a view that if they don't last very well then I've not lost anything.

Over to you Sketchy, tuppence worths appreciated...
Might not last long but at that price could be worth a punt to see. Like you say - you'll not have lost much
Agree well worth giving a go only obvious down side is the wait on postage, which can some time be a few weeks when buying from the Far East. But if it works it easy to pre plan and get a spare, but when ever I do this the one you have never wears out.  
Looks like you've just kindly stepped forward to be test monkey!

I'd be interested to know how it pans out though - I was dubious with the SRAM standard one after reading all sorts on the net but it's still buttery smooth after 500 miles??? Smile
"BennyP" Wrote:I was dubious with the SRAM standard one after reading all sorts on the net but it's still buttery smooth after 500 miles??? Smile

I don't believe you.
Feel and rotate my crank....  Wink

"General Sparks" Wrote:I don't believe you.
Denied! At least for MTB... both my MTBs have 73mm BB shell and all these guys have are 68mm road standard (as indicated in the listing header, duh)... Might get one for the roadie as my 105 BB bought in Feb is already scratchy after only 500 miles give or take... and I clean the road bike spotless after every ride. Might investigate these enduro replacement bearings people rave about for MTB but if I get one of these cheapo roadie ones I'll post up a review for fellow skinny tyre peeps...
bearings are not the issue, it's the seals that allow these things to fail. Ceramic? Pah, this is as good as any.

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Keep it foolish...
I'm actually running a Deore BB on my hardtail, which really only sees Winter use. It seems like not too long ago I bought it (I could check CRC - I think I picked it up for £8.99!) but it's already pretty grindy... I'm certain by the time it sees light of day again (Summer's here, it's FSR time - woo hoo!) it'll need replacing. Might have a go at greasing it up, I'm always cautious if something says "DO NOT DISASSEMBLE", maybe that's where I'm going wrong.
Without a shadow of a doubt Mr Alkali is spot on.
Sealing is the most important issue on any bearing for a cycle, especially the BB due to it's location.

However it is fair to say that with identical seals & conditions a ceramic bearing will last longer.
Ceramic is harder & smoother than steel therefore less prone to pitting & wear.

There are two types of ceramic bearings: Full & hybrid.
In a full bearing both races & balls are ceramic.
A hybrid usually has ceramic balls & stainless races.

In hybrid bearing the ceramic balls polish the races & actually improve the performance of the unit.
Ceramic units, full or hybrid, will be lighter & generate less friction than steel bearings.

So there are very few downsides to a ceramic bearing, except price usually..... Not here though.
The only thing that concerns me here is they don't specify the material of anything except the aluminium cups.
They don't actually tell us these are ceramic bearings.  They may simply be called "ceramic". Like some vacuum cleaners are called Henry, but clearly aren't Henry.

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