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Biking injurys. Don't look if squeamish.
Man all of these nasty knocks are making my current broken shoulder seem like nothing more than a small graze.

This was it about 2 weeks after I did it, no x-rays but broken in 3 places around the neck of the humerus and partially disclocated -

hows it all healing General ?
i was very impressed when you insisted on have a slap up meal in conwy cafe, whilst still laughing and joking. to then drive home before heading to a&e.
You do realise tough behaviour like this will have you banned from all football teams.
Started physio on Monday. Probably another 1-2 months to get most of the movement back.  Moves forward ok but hardly at all out to the side.  Will miss the London100 and the Brighton Big Dog. In the mean time have got fatter than Andy.

I'm banned from all football teams anyway, on account of my being talentless.
Andy is sooooooooper slim at the moment & v speedy on the bike too!!
You bunch of sissys...

Summer gloveless trauma......

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
"DaisyDaring" Wrote:Andy is sooooooooper slim at the moment & v speedy on the bike too!!

Don't know about sooooooper slim but i'm getting there Smile Definitely feeling pretty speedy though, and i haven't had to use my granny ring for a while ;D

Lol Ben, gloves for the win Wink
"BennyP" Wrote:You bunch of sissys...

Summer gloveless trauma......

man that is bad you've lost all your fingers :o
"Skid" Wrote:man that is bad you've lost all your fingers :o

Big Grin
Such wisdom being a *woman*....

"Where are your gloves Ben?" as we set off

"Don't do gloves any more"

Doh ??)
Stitches out today, pretty reasonable bit of tailoring if I'm honest. Bit of a mark but not too bad, certainly a mere scratch compared to some! Hoping the weather will be OK this weekend so i can get back out - been going nuts!


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