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6hr mtb race: HT or FS
23/4 F 26/7 R  8)

Canyon Nerve you have I think? I never had any problems with it when I had mine - I'd suggest sorting the sag to 25% as a starter. I guess you could head towards 20% if the terrain isn't too demanding.

I've found regardless of terrain - each bike seems to have a sweet point for its sag. The difference on the Bronson between 25 and 28 is night and day - for me anyway.
Depends on a bunch of stuff, how fit you are, riding style, bike weight, course etc, 6 hours is a long time on a bike no stops and pushing hard, if your FS is not too heavy, ie decent enough weight to race with,  then consider putting more psi in the fork & shock to stiffen a little and use it.  At least you will get a bit of suppleness to help with the later hours when it starts to hurt.

Is this for the whipstakes enduro by chance?
20 psi both ends
"BennyP" Wrote:23/4 F 26/7 R  8)
I've found regardless of terrain - each bike seems to have a sweet point for its sag. The difference on the Bronson between 25 and 28 is night and day - for me anyway.

You can feel a difference of 3%?

Sirromj -

I'd drop your pressures to 30 or so,
fit fast rolling tyres without too much knobble,
make sure your saddle is high enough to give you a bit of power (too low and you'll bend at the waist and bob about when putting the power down)
get well fuelled for the few days before,
sleep well,
have a massive poo,
stop for snacks and fluids before you're dying and
try to enjoy your race.
Keep it foolish...
Remember it's not the bike that wins the race (or even comes 84th)
Keep it foolish...
Good call Derek....  I am sorely tempted to have a bash at this, are there still places left?  How undulating/hilly is the course?
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
&quot;alkali&quot; Wrote:You can feel a difference of 3%?

Yep - I'd never found that on any previous bikes. I guess it's the linkage platform/type. I was running 145psi (25%) in the shock, dropped it to 140psi (28%) and it completely changed the bike. It felt way more planted over rough terrain and generally felt much more plush.
Cough.... OT

But I will say that just putting the shock pump on the valve of the fork and taking it off again is how I doing it, set it up a tad firm and do that, ride, do it again etc...

Back on thread.

Just go for comfort, steady pace, try to spin rather than grind or freewheel, eat and drink regularly and never ever stop for more than a couple of minutes if at all.

Regarding tyres, bigger volume, low pressure is faster than hard so don't think high pressure equals speed, it does not.

Thinking about joining you if there are any spaces left.  If it is Whipstakes.... great value.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Brighton Big Dog. Fourth race ever, previous were all 1hour races at Fowlmead.  Did the 78 mile road ride on smooth rolling MTB HT no problems... but this is a different kettle of fish. Yep Canyon Nerve XC, around 30lbs.
Ah good luck with that - BBD is a hard course, the hills are steep so takes it out of you, the flat a lot of fun so you end up pedaling fast for grins, and the downs reletavely technical so you have to do some work.

6 hours will be hard going, so good luck.  Dont try and keep up with anyone, just settle into your own speed, you wouldn't believe how many people crack on at the start but blow after 2 - 3 hours, just due to going to fast too early.  As others have said, fuel up, drink and eat, little and often.  Dont take risks, keep nice and steady.  Dont keep looking at the clock Smile  turn it off to a different screen if need be, at least for 1st few hours.

Im there as a pair this year, see you there.

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