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Sony 4k 3D Bravia 55" KD55X8505BBU
I know it's not bike related but I thought id see if anyone is looking to buy a new tv
Currys price is £2100 it's up for £1600
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My advice would be dont buy any 4k/UHD products for atleast a year, none of the standards have been ratified.
I am pretty sure Sony can make a perfectly good TV.....
That may be the case but what's the point in buying it if the technology in it is never used because no one broadcasts in that definition?

I assume you listen to all of your music on mini disc because Sony make perfectly good players of those too.
Im pretty sure they would punt something out the door to hit the latest techno-craze and make a fortune out of uninformed punters. Id also listen to Russ given his view of the industry.

Current 'standards' - take your pick

Format                                      Resolution             Display aspect ratio     Pixels
Ultra high definition television     3840 × 2160     1.78:1 (16:9)             8,294,400
Ultra wide television                     5120 × 2160     2.37:1 (21:9)             11,059,200
WHXGA                                     5120 × 3200     1.60:1 (16:10, 8:5)     16,384,000
DCI 4K (native resolution)             4096 × 2160     1.90:1 (19:10)             8,847,360
DCI 4K (CinemaScope cropped)     4096 × 1716     2.39:1                     7,028,736
DCI 4K (flat cropped)                     3996 × 2160     1.85:1                     8,631,360

Im holding out for 8K...  :Smile
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2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
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&quot;treaclesponge&quot; Wrote:Im holding out for 8K...  :Smile
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8k? Is that all? I had a spectrum 30 years ago and that had 48k.

I may be confused here  Tongue
Hahahahaha classic...

No, luckily for me i don't know a thing about 'modern technology' (yawwwwwwwwwn ) I listen to music via a 'radio'... A tv is a tv to me.

If you keep waiting for the next best thing, you will never have anything !

I'll steer clear of 4k Tv's. Thanks.
That TV has HDMI 2.0 which only supports frame rates up to 60p, from our testing and general consensus in the broadcast industry this is not sufficient for UHD, particularly for sport which will be push if it goes this this way. A new HDMI standard is in development, I may be wrong but its alot of money on something that may become a paper weight in a couple of years.

Im doing some more UHD testing next month, we are covering the Ryder Cup in UHD.

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