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"LeeI" Wrote:Getting him to fit it would be the ideal solution but with the costs of sending the frame insured and back makes it a bit unrealistic. Thanks

I drove up and had a nice day walking around the town!
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Ah.. yeah that came out blunt! :|

I was thinking along the lines that the amount of tape you would need would actually cost you nearer £25. This would then cover a similar area as the invisi kit, which has to be about 70/75%..

"Breezer" Wrote:Thanks for proving my point "£25 isn't a consideration", true it's not for rich people with Surrey bikes. I was suggesting an alternative which works just as well, is far cheaper and has done me for years but then I don't ride at Surrey and I know they probably wouldn't tolerate it up there, depends where the OP rides? No such thing as unexpected rub if you do it properly to start with Wink

PS: Had a quick look on their site, was about £50 odd for a Scott bike I clicked on randomly, would be about £8 for the solution I pointed to
One of my bikes is 'copter taped (the sort Breezer recommends) the parts that are taped are in good condition with no damage showing despite the frame being second hand and having a hard life on the bike rack most weekends. One area that was not taped was the seatstays and my heels have rubbed a good proportion of paint away. I have feet like Donald Duck.

EDIT - I've not had an unexpected rub in a long time.
Keep it foolish...
Kinda on topic, I use this stuff on my chainstays as it helps provide a bit of sound deadening as well if that's a word

Some people use old inner tubes which achieve the same goal although will need the ends sticking/cable tying

Yes to the seatstay issue, lapierres etc horrendous for that and cranks. My 5 yr old XT cranks still have immaculate logos though due to tape, think I am only on the 2nd bit on them as well
"Breezer" Wrote:

Good find - cheers. Has always used the old tube trick but it's a bit of a faff.

My Surrey bike comes with a built in chainstay protector anyway....  Wink
Hmm, that self amalgamating tape looks like a good idea, I've innertubed the seat and chainstays on both sides of my Pitch to avoid the heel rub marks that I tend to put on my bikes. I blame the clumpy 5.10 shoes. Actually, the DS chainstay has a nicely formed Specialized rubbery covering, but there's nothing wrong with dressing your bike like a cut-price gimp. I've used cable ties to hold the tubes in position, it doesn't look bad.
Keep it foolish...

Well, seems I have Daisy Duck feet in my 5/10s..... gonna wrap it up with some of that nice tape!
I have always used this stuff as its thicker and goes on better than the Stuff Breezer linked to.

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Thanks for the replies.

I did the bike I have now with some E-Bay stuff and it's held up well although I like the look of a well formed kit. Have used the Amalgamating Tape on chainstays before and yes it's very effective and easily replaced.

Incase anyone's interested Lee at Invisiframe said he'd fit it for 20 quid but it's too far away in Shewsbury.
Gutted, just checked the Invisiframe site and they don't have a kit for my Boardman roadie or my Trek hardtail! What kinda monkey operation are they running there? Big Grin

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