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New Nobby Nic
Nice to see they have bought this classic up to date. Compared to the Magic Mary's et al it was feeling a bit dated by not being as tough and that....

And just as I was thinking I need to take the Rock Razor off the back for the winter...

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I've been running a set of 26" 2.25 pacestars over the last 2 weeks ,they are very light,fast and grippy tyres.They are fairly low volume compared to 2.35 dampfs/rock razors though so if you like the higher volume maybe consider the 2.35 versions.Setup was a breeze they  pumped straight up with track pump,the new 'tubeless easy' coating on the inside of the tyre seems to almost pre seal the tyre - so I didn't put as much sealant in.They performed really well over a good variety of Welsh trail riding last weekend,only feeling a little harsh on some of the rockier bits and unexpectedly loosing climbing traction once or twice on some slippier/rooty bit but this could be due to me being used too  softer bigger carcasses and a lack of talent.All in all they seem like a great tyre  Smile
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Very positive reviews! Will be giving these a go me thinks! Smile
Little update from me on these .Their driving grip through the mud has been good they seem to have good forward traction and braking.They have got decent cornering grip up to a point,they seem to have a shallower lean angle than what I'd like(at least with the 2.25's,this may be better with the wider spacing of the 2.35's?) and when you get onto those large oblong cornering blocks they seem to act as sliders,this effect also comes into play on the damp off camber bits . All in all I reckon they are a good Autumn/'Tame' Winter tyre from what I've seen so far.I just wish they had a more positive confident cornering edge .
Did you weigh yours as I am a bit shocked at how massively over claimed weight they were in the PB review, in my experience their tyres have been within 10-20g, perhaps just early run issues. If I find reports that their weights are now correct I will probably put one on the back when my existing original one is finished which won't be long going by the state of it
No Breezer,I didn't weigh them.I can say they  feel a lot lighter than the 725g UST Ralphs they replaced though.I have the 26" version and they are stated to be 580g so quite a difference if their 'claimed' weight aren't  too far off.Good luck with finding a pair of them though they barely seem to exist retail .
Got a while left in my old Nic, I'm used to running a Ralph all winter on the rear so no rush plus I would want to confirm weights first
The more I ride these the more I loose confidence in their,cornering,tracking holding up on camber ability in the wet and in the loose stuff,they almost feel like slicks as they loose traction and deflect side wards off things .Not sure what Schwalbe were thinking with those elongated angled 'slide knobs'.Perhaps they had a bit of a panic attack with all the genuine complaints of their past ones hinging off,so made them shorter and longer.Shame I really wanted to like these,at least they seem OK for rear use,the old Nobby Nic these replaced corners and tracks much better than these.
Interesting to hear dude. Cheers. I think I may just stick with the magic Mary and use it as an excuse to get me fitter! I'll probably try a new NN on the back....

Or just go for a winter type tyre like the maxxiss beaver?! Hmmm

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