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Removing Gear Display
Just cleaned the Zesty from yesterday which basically means, removed the dust from the chain heh. Now going to put the brakes inboard of the shifts as currently I am unable to brake properly because they are too far outwards. Means im going to have to dump the gear displays which I do use sometimes but it will save weight I guess
Right well that plan failed as the shifter internals are fully exposed when you remove the gear indicators, time to see if you can get replacement caps without them
"Breezer" Wrote:Right well that plan failed as the shifter internals are fully exposed when you remove the gear indicators, time to see if you can get replacement caps without them
Lol the caps are underneath the gear indicator's, or at least they were with my XT's.
They were present under the indicators on my lx's too, simply rotate them 90dg to get them out
my shifters didnt have any caps underneath so i simply put copter tape over the holes.
Weird, I will look again tonight, a quick google didnt reveal much only the odd ebay advert selling slx ones without the indicators at all, there were only 2 screws then the whole thing came off, indicator and top cap exposing all of the internals at which point I put it back on. Will remove again tonight and look again if I get to go home that is due to everything blowing up at work

Now if only the bike came with decent Sram shifters I wouldnt have this problem as they simply use the space in the clamp instead of taking up far more room like Shimano do grr
What a bloody stupid clever place to put them ahem. I just took one off and didnt look underneath last night!


Brakes now inboard and shifters outboard but moved in on their adjustable mounting points. Finally I have a proper hand to brake lever position! Will be nice to be able to brake properly plus the bike is now considerably lighter without the indicators. I probably would have won that Bedgebury race if I hadnt been carrying 0.8 grams worth of top caps hidden away as well  Big Grin

is the idea to be able to one finger brake ? as ive always been grabbing the levers with 3 fingers  :Smile i take it theres some point to  having one finger braking ?
I only 1 finger brake as I can lock either wheel with just 1 finger and then I leave the rest on the bars so I have more control of the steering. I did face a dilema when I got the Zesty as to whether to switch to using my middle finger and then using my index for the shifter as they are 2 way shimanos but ive decided to stick with the "sram way" of thumb for both shifter levers and index finger for the braking as in the past as I get a slightly better grip on the bars that way
Ha - knew you would find them, it is quite clever that its all included and tucked away.

I 2 finger brake for what its worth, I dont trust my 1 finger to stop my lard ass on a mountain....

Its whatever you're most comfortable with.

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