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Wheel advice
I would like to tap into the collective mind of the Sketchy forum for some wheel advise, I currently running on WTB XC Dual Duty rims with discs, I would like a second set of wheels so I can have one for my slicks and one for knobblies. I have been looking around and have found these at merlins

I really do not want to spend anymore than this as I will have to purchase rotors and a cassette.

On Ebay I have found these

They seem to have indifferent reviews Undecided

Any advise on wheelsets would be greatly appreciated


Mike Wink
Mike - you may want to explore the Custom Wheel options on Merlin as they sometimes turn out cheaper - many of us here have bough custom wheels from Merlin.

I can recommend the Mavic XC717 (Disc) or the DT Swiss 4.2 (bit more expensive)

Both of the above rims are very light and ideal for XC or road use - the difference from stock wheels to a custom set is amazing!

One word of advice is that simply swapping wheels in principle isnt that straight forward, as 90% of the time your gear indexing will be out and you will have differing wear-rates on the chain/cassette as its best that they are "paired" with each other. So you'll never have an ideal setup.

"Personally" - I would spend the extra money you wouldve spend on a new cassette etc, get the 4.2 rims and change tyres every time you want to swap. That way you've got a cracking set of wheels for all occasions.

In an ideal world, I wouldnt mind a spare set of wheels with slicks on, but its just not that straight forward - and I can swap tyres quicker than I can fettle gears and get everything right.
Ok may need a re-think then, did not realise that it would cause that much of an issue. So I may be able to spend a little more on the wheel set as I will not need to buy new rotors and cassette etc. Any links to suggested set would be great, all these spoke and hub options seem countless to me!

May as well buy something decent Wink

Why do handbuilt wheels make such a difference? Handling, acceleration?
Whats your budget mate? Mine was fairly limited so i went for XT hubs on DT Swiss Rims, been super stoked with them ever since. Had mine custom built from Merlin as well. They seem to be around the cheapest about.

The disadvantage of a custom build is that you have to wait for the wheels, normally 10 days or so as wheel builders are busy people. The advantage is that you can mix and match what you like and also often get something much cheaper than an off the peg wheelset yet with higher quality components. Depends what you are looking for though.

I've been super happy with my wheel build. Like Ben says though your chain and cassette stretch together, so if you ride one more than the other you could end up with messing up your gearing... Depends how much riding you do though.

If it was me persoanlly, i would just get a sh!t hot track pump and swap the tyres over. I can change a tyre in about 4 minutes if i need to. you'd save the cash you would of spent on wheels, cassette, rotors and also be well practised for when you get a puncture.

Alternatively have a think about some tyres that have good off road performance and yet low rolling resistance. Andy was showing me his Maxxis Ardent tonight and he does a lot of riding to work (fair enough he goes on the crab and winkle way) but the tyres have a central tread that is very close together, like being on slicks. Yet nobs on the sides so when he turns he has grip... Another option would be to get a cheap road bike and use that... Or just a free bike or dirt cheap thing for commuting and road riding...
There's a good possibility I may be selling my wheels very soon. Mavic rims on Hope XC Hubs. 32 hole 3x laced with black st/st spokes. Rear 11months old, front hub is about a month old as it was warranty replaced by Hope after the flange split. No dings, dents, scratches & run perfectly straight & true. Looking for around the £140ono mark plus posting if need be. Disk specific. Complete with 180mm rotors front & rear for £160... If you or anybody else interested let me know
Thanks alot guys for the information, I think now I will go down the route suggested and pay a bit more for the rims/hubs and get used to changing tyres,makes sense. Please can I have first offer on these rims please when they become available.

Damm this sport/hobby only been into it a short time and spending money like water ;D
"UphillDownDale" Wrote:Thanks alot guys for the information, I think now I will go down the route suggested and pay a bit more for the rims/hubs and get used to changing tyres,makes sense. Please can I have first offer on these rims please when they become available.

Damm this sport/hobby only been into it a short time and spending money like water ;D

Sounds about right - i think we can all vouch for that!  Big Grin  Good decision with the wheels there IMHO
I think I managed a period of about 2 months late last year where I didnt spend anything on the bike, I was so rich it was obscene lol! Not been too bad in the last couple of months, set of disc brake pads, one rear shifter, think thats about it, of course just before that I bought the new bike but thats in the past so doesnt count  Big Grin
In fairness, Wheels is probably the best single upgrade anyone can make - so its a good start.

But then the adrenaline of upgrading kicks in........

Brakes  (I bet thats the next one you do)

Going cold turkey is hard..

I gave myself a major overdose and bought loads of seperate components and built a second bike.......

Im now kind of doing cold turkey - its tough, but Im running out of things to upgrade now

Although I have been looking at tyres this week..........  Sad

Something in my head has also told me to build up the OLD frame it a lightweight run-around....... but I'll try and do that on handouts and spares.
Uphilldowndale... YGM  ;D

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