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The Walk of Shame
Lovely day for a ride round Bedgebury...

Didn't quite end the way I intended though with a 1½mile walk back to the car. Sad


I think it's safe to say it's FUBAR'd

How did you manage that?

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It jammed up earlier in the ride & the chain slipped off the lower jockey wheel, but managed to find the cause & fix it, then going up the last hill in Starvegoose about 100m from the end it just exploded...

Guessing metal fatigue from the previous jam weakened it.
Unlucky there buddy.. still they say ride chain less for the win. Don't think it works to well around bedgebury though.
Turns out it was a blessing in disguise...

Turned the dining room into a bike workshop today and while fitting the replacement derailleur I got all the other little jobs that I've been putting off/too scared to do done too!

New shifter cable fitted
30t Oval chainring fitted
Replacement derailleur fitted
Brake hoses shortened & bled
Reverb hose shortened & bled






Bleeding brakes/cutting hoses has to be one of those jobs we all put off till we really have to, then wonder why after they work/look so much better.
Nice fish tank to.
Yeah! I always shy away from jobs with hydraulics involved... then always wonder what all the fuss was about after.
i have not so fond memories of getting brake fluid all over the kitchen floor and myself as the syringe came away from the caliper..... Sad
Shimano By any chance deadpool? Great brakes but why they don't put a thread on the calliper end is infuriating.

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