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Useless Facts
Ive heard 2 useless facts today, everyone knows a few, so I'll kick us off:

Your car insurance is Null and Void when you drive around the Arc De Triumph in Paris. The only section of road in the world you cannot be insured to drive on.

All ginger cats are male.
I knew the first one and I went there on the way back from my Eurotrip last year and was quite simply staggered at the lack of carnage considering the "driving" which was taking place. There are some smaller roundabouts in Paris where you also have to stop on and give priority to cars coming onto it, I found one on the way out, not sure if they are the same?

Two videos at the bottom showing some of the carnage

HMM, are you sure on the ginger one? Ginger men I dislike but female/ginger pussy cats surely exist
It was on QI that one about cats - ANY Ginger Cat you see is male, its genetically impossible to get a female one apparently.
Hmm. As for the ADT bit, I think you would be ok if English and on holiday with a green card as ive never seen it specically state that you are not insured there. Theres some European law which says you are covered anywhere in the EU, this is the one some people have managed to use to get compensation when stuffing their cars on the Nurburgring despite their policies specifically excluding it as its illegal for the Insurance Company to state it or something although they then counter with the fact its possibly a privately owned bit of road and not state/national, grey area.......
Darwin believed that many species share a common ancestor, "but obviously not dogs" due to the massive variation in breeds. What a numpty...
Keep it foolish...
And now it’s time for Alan’s ‘Fact of the Day’. Crabsticks do not actually contain any crab, and from 1993 manufacturers have been legally obliged to label them ‘crab-flavoured’ sticks. Another one of those same time tomorrow.

(They don't contain any sticks either)...
Another one...

Toast never goes off.

(Bread obviously does, but put it in the magical toaster slot, and you can eat it 1yr later!)
"BMJBOY" Wrote:Another one...

Toast never goes off.

(Bread obviously does, but put it in the magical toaster slot, and you can eat it 1yr later!)

nor does honey. now there's a delicious snack you could save for later... much later.
Keep it foolish...
Surely you have to toast it, then leave it then re toast it. As my bread goes pretty mouldy when i leave it about. Nothing worse than biting into a sandwich and getting that woody flavour of mould...

So did you know you can drown a fly in water and then bring it back to life some time later using a pile of salt... It's a great way to entertain kids at sailing centres overseas, causes no end of fascination.
Yeh you need to toast it, just by sitting in a toaster doesnt preserve bread... Wink

A student friend of mine had a pice of toast stuck on his noticeboard all year to test the theory - and its true.

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