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Juicy 7 : Bleed Problem(?)
Right - On my Avid Juicy 7's with Carbon  8) levers....

Ive bled the front brake AGES ago, and its been rock solid ever since - I followed the SRAM video on youtube.

Just bled my rear, as it was feeling a little tired and "slightly" spongy - going to Afan this weekend is making be fine tuning and fettle too much!

First time Ive bled the rear... got lots of air out, and all was done as intended.

Upon bleeding the lever I notice brake fluid slightly seeping/bubbling out of a hole on the screwed on plate on the lever.

There is a small hole on the screwed on cover (where the fluid notice is)

Ive not noticed this before, not sure if its supposed to do it when bleeding?

Brake feels pretty much as it did before, its not bad or worse, but not like "bang" solid when you pull it like the front.

Any ideas?

[media width=500][/media]

Bubbling/Leak occurs when I get to 6:04 - Pushing the syringe.
Pretty sure the reservoir is meant to be a sealed unit, how come there is a hole in the plate, is there one on the other side and does it look like it is meant to be there? Sounds to me like there shouldn't be a hole...
Both plates have a little tiny hole, looks like they should be there.

Brakes work fine, this one could be improved a shade to be perfect.

I found a tech manual which kind of suggested that the is some kind of overflow device built in for bleeding, but that negates the point of a closed system.

I posted a response to the actual YouTube vid to see if there's a response.
1: Invent a teleporter, go back in time, dont buy avids as 99.4% of people have bleed and/or noise issues with them
2: I thought most were classes as open systems these days but no idea how a hole in the cap would work unless it has some2 way release valve but then whats it ones are supposed to work better as they dont get as hot suggesting its something to do with cooling but no idea other than that, not had to bleed the maguras/hopes/formulas ive had in 4 years of disc brake owning.

Tech guides/manual on srams site might have a suggestion or at least a description?
I remember somebody asking the same question on BR ages ago, and i think the general consensus is that it is an overflow, but i can't remember what circumstances cause it to leak out. Try doing a search on BR. And i mean try because their search is bloody useless!
Can only presume its if they get mega hot, the fluid will expand and that hole has some small valve which is delibrately there so that the fluid comes out of it instead of bursting a seal, of course that must then mean a small risk of air returning back in although I doubt you would ever see this happen unless on a really long DH in the Alpes
I do have 7k of dh of skyline to do Saturday!

Perhaps I pressurized the lever too hard, and yes any bubble/air escape naturally means air has got in
Don't brake then, I didnt for the last section of whites as my pads were shot heh, although it was a bit interesting as I couldnt see either due to rain/fogged classes.

Try bleeding them again I guess and make sure you get all new fluid through, sometimes takes a couple of goes doing car ones, I bet you wish they had proper bleed nipples now heh

You havent by any chance used some fluid that you had left from when you did the front one? When opened you must use brake fluid within a quite short time, forget what it is now, even if the cap is done up tight it still gets contaminated and buggered by the air so perhaps thats the issue?
Funny you mention "old" fluid - yes, its from when I done is the first time several months ago.  I did notice that there was a lot more bubbles in this syringe this time.

I done my best "flicking" and pulling on the plunger to draw as much as I could out.

It could be a combination of some lightly aerated fluid and the ingress of some air through the overflow hole.

Its not any worse, I may just leave it for now.
It only takes a small bit of air to have an issue, think how little the piston moves.....I would get some new fluid and flush the entire system through then it should be good for a long time.

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