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Smell of burning
This is pretty weird, but just happened at my new (rented) house. Me, Anakin and our friend (staying for a few days) had just finished dinner, I'd gone to find us a film to watch and they were washing up. Suddenly I noticed a strong smell of burning (paper or plastic, it was hard to tell), I called to the girls and we rushed about the house trying to track down where it was coming from, but as quickly as it had appeared it was gone again. We checked outside, nothing, sniffed at the airvents to the cavity walls, nothing, sniffed the plug sockets, light fittings, cables and any electrical appliances. (I know how weird this sounds) Still nothing. It's now two hours later and still nothing. I'm gonna stay up late and see if anything changes, but it's utterly weird. The girls said that they thought they could see smoke in the hallway where the smell seemed to come from, but I didn't notice anything.

Keep it foolish...
Holy crap, I'd literally just posted that ^ when i worked out what the smell was - hair. I was thinking of an overheating hairdryer but the girls said it was plastic.

Just sniffed my cat, she smells of burnt hair, she's got singed whiskers too. We had a candle on in the room that she was in. What a frikken' numpty.

Panic over.
Keep it foolish...
i've been utterly paranoid for the last two hours, and deliberately not finished a glass of wine in case I need to keep my sh!t together. Well bugger that, I'm gonna demolish this wine and crack open a tin of Hobgoblin.

Jeez, that's a relief.
Keep it foolish...
A smell of burning in a new house is the first sign it's possessed.
I was having that exact though when I had my moment of epiphany.
Keep it foolish...
Hope the smell isn't purrmanent. If you Felix getting worse you should call the fur brigade...
I was gonna call the fire brigade, but I paws-ed
Keep it foolish...
In that case check your insurance - there may be a claws that means they won't pay out. It'd be a sorry tail

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