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Evans Warehouse Sale
Managed to get to the Evans Warehouse Sale yesterday (combined it with a meal out with MrsBoy to keep things balanced)

They had 2 large marquees joined together, huge venue, crammed with lots of biking goodies.

Must have had at least 500+ bikes there, from road bikes through to top level DH bikes.  Plenty of Specialized, Commencal and Kona bikes to look at and trial (Steve!)

The queues for the test rides was huge, and they had a team of about 8 mechanics working very hard to prep all the bikes and keep things running sweet.

It was REALLY busy, completely different to last year, when only a handful of blokes where in there, there was hundreds of people this time.

Upon entry where loads of white cages filled with discounted accessories from crud-catchers to gloves, bells and cycle computers.  These cages run along most of the main tent leading to the clothing area.

Sorted by size, they had rails and rails of clothes from jerseys to baggy shorts, jackets etc, aswell as a large area for components, shoes and helmets.

There was nothing they didnt have.

So what did I buy?

Fox Ridetech Baggy shorts : RRP : £75 - paid £40
Scott XC Gloves RRP £29.99 - paid £14.99
New Charge Spoon Saddle (straight swap out for my bent one) £19.99 (not greatly cheaper than online price)
Endura XC sunglasses set (last set!) - in a nice case with different lenses RRP £40  paid £24.99
2 x Cans of GT85 : £2.50 each

There was plenty of kit that wasnt cheaper than other websites/stores, but there was the odd bargain to be found.

One section (the Camelbak and Rucksack area) had soem good discounts on new model bags - sooooo tempting, but I dont need one.

If you get the chance, get down there before the 14th, its just off JCT10 on the M23 past Gatwick.

I wouldve spent much more time on the returns rails - but was like being attacked by locusts around there, so moved on.
"BMJBOY" Wrote:Fox Ridetech Baggy shorts : RRP : £75 - paid £40

Why are riding shorts so hideously expensive ?  I mean £40 is a lot to pay, but £75, I just wouldnt pay it.  Actually all riding gear is pretty expensive, £40 for a short sleeved Fox Freeride Jersey, what's that about ?

Sounds like a worthwhile day out though, should have gone there and got myself some cheap forks ; )
Actually didnt see many forks TBH! - caught me out on that one! (maybe because I wasnt looking?)

I was very anti biking gear a while back, I would ride in normal shorts or the Aldi/Lidl options when they do their specials.

What converted me was buying a pair of Scott shorts from the same sale last year (or year before I cant recall)

They do make a difference and do last!

You're right though, no-way would I pay £75, but I find £40 just about my limit - they included the padded liner too.

What made me laugh was the fact they were selling Scott Padded liners seperatly for £15 in the cage, but you could buy some proper baggies WITH the liner for £30! - no-brainer to spend the extra for the full setup.

I now have 3 pairs of pairs of "proper" shorts : Scott Baggies, Endura Humvee 3/4's (ebay bargain!), and now these Fox Ridetech.

The amount of riding Im doing now, I need an extra pair, and are well worth the money now IMHO.

I do agree that they are expensive, when you wear a pair and they are as good as new after a year, then its money well spent for comfort and durability.
"from road bikes" now I see why you went

I think I might have to get some more new shorts as my xxl endura things are a bit tight Sad

OT: ffs power cut, running on diesel generator
Oh thats right.... caught me out Breezer.....  although seeing a rather fit lass modelling and bending over on a new Bianchi outside was quite appealing to take up the sport.

How the hell are XXL Enduras tight on you????

These fox shorts are an XL and I couldnt get them tighter for a better fit (oooh they are nice though!)

There's no way you are fatter than me porky.  Tongue

Presumably fat thighs/arse just with a bit less gut overhang than you I guess. They are normally okish but stomach was a bit funny that day so it cramped badly on this one long climb not helped by them being tight. Would still rather they were slightly bigger so I could then use a belt/its own strap to tighten, I wear 36" jeans normally and they are borderline.  Sad
Ive got huge thighs, so much so I cannot fit into ANY pair of Burtons jeans any more (all their jeans are so wrong in sizing)

My Endura Humvees are a "snug" fit, maybe its just enduras? - struggled to get my Kyle straights on under them at Afan, but they did go eventually.
The waist part of the inners only just goes over my thighs. The joys of being tall means the shorts stop where my kyle straights start so no worries there heh although on that note, I had forgotton how much better my full pads were. Notice them even less when riding, no slipping or rubbing, might try them for a xc thing although will be hotter and bit overkill perhaps but then my crash saturday before last hit my shin and ankle, the former would have been fine and possibly the latter too if I had been wearing them
I went to the sale as well, mainly as it's a couple of miles from my parent's place so dropped into Evans on my way to see them. As BMJBoy says, there's some good bargains, but some stuff not much reduced. I got some Kona shorts but they might be a bit too short and am currently wearing knee protection in an attemptto break it in.

There are several hundred reduced bikes! Also a fair selection of frames with decent discounts. So far as components go there was nothing that caught my eye (I'm after a short stem and light tyres). They do have some reduced components but no decent reductions (1/2 price or it ain't good enough for me)  However there are enough gloves to cater for an army of octpuses with a spanking fetish.
Keep it foolish...
Where those the brown Kona shorts or the Black/Orange pair? - I liked BOTH TBH but went for the Fox as they where all black.

Wasnt many tyres there was there? Couldve been a lot more I reckon.

There was a lot of Winter gloves, something I'd buy when needed I reckon.

Some component prices where a joke, I think I saw an XT crankset for £140, thats not discounted at all!

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