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Wiggle Link.
Am I being silly but is there not a phone number for Wiggle on the link above. I want to buy some stuff but want some advice first and need to call em as they aint replied to my email.
Try posting your query.  It's surprising how often someone else has asked the exact same question in the past. Wink
Its about my road bike!!  :B

I want to get some clip in pedals to go with these shoes: but i don't know what pedals to buy. I only want to spend max £100, nearer £80 if possible, on both the shoes and pedal.

I have a Carrera Virtuoso road bike if it makes any difference?
The Wiggle page states the cleat pattern as "3 Bolt Look, SPD and SPD-R" so standard MTB SPD pedals will work with them.

Have a look 'over there' for a review and a little mention about the cleat type these shoes need.

EDIT:  These will be fine.  Yes, I know there Halfords, but my SPD's from Halfords were light and lasted well with 0 maintanance.
Thank you. I've just reserved the pedals at the Ashford store and will order the shoes tonight too. Do the clip on the shoe come fitted or do I have to fit them when they arrive?

I also intend to use the shoes for spinning classes at the gym too.
In my experience, I've always found the cleat with the pedals.
Make sure you fit the cleats carefully, as most of us on here have had knee/hip pain due to slightly mis-alligned cleats.
Sorry for my ignorance. Ive never had or used clip in pedals. I'll go buy the stuff then ask again should i need help any help. I assume they all come with instructions?
Cleats always come with the peddles. Before fitting a good bit of advice i have heard is to sit on a table (or wherever you can dangle your feet) and note at what angle your feet are at when completely relaxed. Now angle the cleats in such a way that when peddling your feet are in their natural resting position. If you walk with your toe's pointing slightly out, but fit the cleats so that both feet are completely strait, this is what will cause problems in knees and ankles.


Oh year.... ROADIE Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Cheers mate. Roadie is fine for fitness. Riding along the beach front today having a bit of a perv on the way is more fun.

I know that I ride with me feet at a ten to two position so thanks for the advice.

One more question, if the cleats come with the pedals, how do you get the shoes to clip in?

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