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The Dark Side
I know we have a few closet roadies on the forum, so i thought i'd share the experiences of my evening.

My rear shocks are at Mojo being serviced, and I've just sold the HT so i'm without a bike until Thursday.  I normally ride with Emma on a Tuesday night and she's just bought a spanker of a road bike so i thought i'd have a look at it and see how quick it was.

We met at Fowlmead and planned to do a good few laps of the road circuit with her on the road bike and me on her mountain bike.  I knew i'd have no chance of keeping up with her as she's pretty fit and was on a road bike whereas i was lugging round her Trek Fuel EX8.  Its a lovely bike but doesn't lend itself to road riding.

We started off and i kept up with her for about a quarter of the lap until we hit a headwind and she just disappeared into the distance.  I'm pleased to say i overtook a couple of roadies but despite my best efforts a fair few people on road bikes overtook me during my 5 laps (about 11 miles).  Emma had stopped after 5 laps and apparently she was a good few minutes ahead of me.

Then it was my turn on the road bike.  I've never ridden one of these strange contraptions before and was made doubly nervous by the price tag on the beast i was about to unleash.  The complete build i rode today retails at around £5500.  Ouch!!  For anyone in the know its a Pinnarello Paris frame with SRAM red groupset and some silly expensive wheels or other.  What can i say - that bad boy FLEW around the track!  I'm happy to report that nobody overtook me (apart from a couple of guys who i was slipstreaming with but I lost them when i took the front again).  Emma was on the mountain bike and i lapped her shortly before she finished her 4th lap.

I can't see myself getting into road biking but it was a different experience and a good laugh.  I can also see how it would help stamina as i did about 22 miles in an hour today and only stopped pedaling once to swap bikes.  I can see where the appeal of road biking is, but have to say i'll be sticking to offroad for the forseeable future!!

So - can of worms opened.  Let the flaming begin  Big Grin
is it bad that i know what your talking about when you speak of the spec  :o

seeing as we are coming clean ... i havent been riding my banshee on the road after sixth form ive been out with my dad on one of his carbon lovelys  :'( please dont hurt me Big Grin
No flaming from me actually as i have been wanting to have a go on a decent road bike for a while. Can definitely see the point for people that do loads of road miles. I'm even thinking of asking in Downlands if i could have a go on one for a day out of curiosity.

Aggghh were both going to get flamed now Wink
I would normally ask for photos as this point but I think she is your swmbo so I wont? Instead I would like to know where you found a woman that can justify spending 5.5k on a bike of any sort!

As for the road riding, whats the point in commenting, you said it yourself, its so much easier so why do it unless you like the speed, noway near as good for fitness
The only road riding I tolerate is stuff in the Alps in France where I want to go back to as I want to time trial alpe d heuz again. I wouldnt mind trying some of these TT races they have on the road as they are about an hour long so although im sh1t slow on a mtb, I can at least maintain the same pace for an hour and by my logic as road bikes are easier to ride than a 16yr old from Hastings, I would be quicker than Armstrong on one.

People that ride 100 mile Trophy events or whatever they call them like my friend need beating almost to death
PMSL ive just found the worst photo of my dad ... wind blowing down his jersey makes him look like mr blobby Big Grin he is going to kill me ...

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 97808.html</a><!-- m -->

EDIT : thats his cheaper bike :o
She's my ex SWMBO so no pics.  I think a few of the guys have met her.  Yeah strange to know a girl who will spend that kind of money on a bike!  She still prefers offroad as well though.

Agreed road riding seems less difficult than MTB but for the prolonged exercise and benefits to your stamina I wouldn't overlook it as there is absolutely no respite whatsoever.  Nowhere near as much fun as good singletrack though!

Andy - you should give it a go as you'd be damn good at it!

Steve - shame on you Wink
Steve- R.I.P Big Grin Big Grin
&quot;Treehugger&quot; Wrote:Steve- R.I.P Big Grin Big Grin

Big Grin ive seen him browsing the forum before thats what im worried about  :o im sorry dad if your reading this  :K)

that bike in the photo must be the ultimate chick pulling bike if we are assuming carbon = chicks Big Grin
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:As for the road riding, whats the point in commenting, you said it yourself, its so much easier so why do it unless you like the speed, noway near as good for fitness

have a look at the size of the chain rings on the picture i posted ... there are bloody massive, no spinning up the hills when out on one of those  :o its power all the way up and feel the burn  :o

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