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New Forks
So im getting some Fox 36s but cant decide between Floats (airs) or Vans (coil). The Coils are 200g heavier than the airs but from what ive read and felt before is that the Fox air forks are as plush as an equivalent rock shox coil fork? anybody share any light on this?

I like prefer the colour white of the airs.



They will be going on either frame



i'm gonna get some second hand 36's soon too and have been doing lots of reading up about them. From what i have read so far there is not much difference between the two. Coil might be slightely plusher but not a big enough difference to justifie the extra weight. There is quite a few float verses van reviews and threads floating around, i'll post up the links when i get home.

I like them in white too, which swayed it for me Smile
Lighter and whiter... sorted.
Buy my pikes andy, ill even paint them white for you.
Well you know i like the air one, i wont be getting the Talas ones this time as i dont really use the travel adjust.

I am looking at 36 RC2 floats. also looking at the Alpine (the guy at Glentress had one and it did look nice) but going to look at getting it painted ether apple green or cosmic green.
09 Fox air's had big improvements to the damping and I love my 32's, much better than my pushed Pikes. Although the coil's may be fractionally plusher and dont weigh that much more I would go for the airs without a doubt due to the adjustability. Coils may cost less new but if you are inbetween spring weights (think they supply with 3?) then thats more expense.

Talas are not quite as smooth and the travel gaps are way to big ie 160-130-100 for most bikes, needs to be 160-140-120 which would be better suited to a Meta as you could run at 140 most of the time then 160 when playing and 120 uphill. The Fox talas system is the only reliable and easy to use travel adjust ive had and my old 130/110/90's were great on my Azonic used in the same way as above. Some 36's Talas's would suit the Zesty nicely however as when set to 130 they would be within a couple of mm's of my current 32's then I could flick out to 160 for the downhills but I dont do the big stuff you do, would be good for france etc however heh

They are 27mm longer than your Pikes so will take a bit over a degree off the head angle on the Meta and raise the BB as well so bear that in mind but some of that would be negated by running extra sag presumably
Thanks everyone, going to order some floats this afternoon hopefully. From the Fox air forks ive used ive been impressed with how plush they are.

Talas and travel adjust isnt needed as both the frames above are 160mm (sorry!! should have said its a meta 6), ive had u turn revs and pikes and both the knobs never get turned ever, i dont think i would ever bother reducing the travel for a climb. Im one of these riders that just sets a fork and rides it hence why im just going for the basic R model. You can adjust the floats by internally adjusting them by adding spacers, think you can do it in 10mm steps.
They sound ideal then. I agree that uturns are just useless, they need to sort out something that can be done on the fly, I never touch mine on the Inbred either. The bar operated one on my old Manitous was good in theory but not in reality as they kept creeping! When they worked it was a big help for the very steep climbs but I manage ok on the Zesty, I just sit on the nose of the saddle for some pleasure, drop the elbows and get on with it. 36's are the most common/popular forks up Rotherfield and always have been, not due to people being sheep and doing as others do but simply because they are the most reliable and best working etc although Joels totems felt nice but think they are 180mm and a lot heavier
"Buzz" Wrote:Buy my pikes andy, ill even paint them white for you. Want more travel so the front end is the same geometry Specialized intended, not 10mm too short. Wish i could get them now!
"Treehugger" Want more travel so the front end is the same geometry Specialized intended, not 10mm too short. Wish i could get them now!

Just put a couple of spacers under the headset, job done.

I suppose with longer forks andy you will have less chance of going over the bars as your front wheel will touch down sooner  Tongue

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