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Still unsure which bike
Been shopping around for a week or two now, but I still can't really decide which bike I want.

Ideally, I want to pay NO more than £500, as I still have helmet and accessory costs to cover.

Been looking at the Specialized Hardrock Pro Disc, comes in at just under £500 and looks quite good. I don't know tons about bikes, so if any of you could take a second look at it, that would be appreciated! Also there seems to be a £100 or so price difference between the Pro Disc and Sport Disc, do I get my money's worth with that extra £100?

Planning to use it on my daily commute to school (roads), but I also want to take it off-road quite a bit around some trails with you guys. I know £500 isn't going to buy me the best bike there is, and I will go for a hardtail, but I'm sure there are models out there capable of trails and general purpose.

Also taking a trip to Halfords this weekend, so I'll have a look around there as well. CyclesUK shop is nearby too, so if you have any suggestions I can go and check them out in the flesh.

Oh, could also do with a pump (to attach to bike, even?) and a new helmet. Suggestions?

the rockhopper is a great frame ... shame about the dart 3 fork but over then that its quiet well specced for the money

as i said before have a look at the carrera fury, will have to be quick though as they are replacing the tora fork with a suntour raidon !

steer well clear of any bikes with dart 1 or 2 or any suntour fork as you will just end up regretting it  :Smile ive had 2 suntour forks now and after an hour or so's riding on them they lock up and the sus hardly moves an inch a right pain !

<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> is good for bargains, obviously try looking at your top end budget as thats where the better bikes lie !

just looked at a back issue of single track may 2009 issue 49 they have tested 4 £500 hard tails

Specialized hardrock pro disc
Cube attention
Kona fire mountain deluxe
Diamondback response

They sum up

diamonback crap

cube good but poor fork

kona  bad tyres,bars no good off road, compromised by downspecced components

specialized a good introduction to proper mountain biking

there words not mine hope this helps
halfords are also discounting this

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 65499#dtab</a><!-- m -->
If i were you mate i would go strait to Halfrawds tomorrow and buy that GT! Fantastic spek for the money! I know it is slightly over your budget but if you can afford it it'll be worth it.
Only worry with the GT would be the forks and their "reliability"
that GT at halfords is just under £440 with the 20% discount. Sweet bike for the price. I'd be happy with those forks, decent brand, better than the dart 2s on a lot of bikes (mine)
Keep it foolish...
I thought that price of £540 something was with the discount. Even bigger bargain then!

I think the reliability issues are mainly confined to the higher end forks IIRC. I think the main issue is with the TST2 cartridge in the 140 and 160mm forks, can't remember what they are called.
Woah, nice looking bike. Should be off to Halfords in a few hours, so I'll take a look Smile

Any suggestions on helmet/pump guys?
&quot;apeZ&quot; Wrote:Woah, nice looking bike. Should be off to Halfords in a few hours, so I'll take a look Smile

Any suggestions on helmet/pump guys?

Helmets are all about comfort... try a few on and see what one feels comfortable....

As for pumps....   go for a Blackburn or Topeak...
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