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More Sketchy Jerseys?
Fill in your name HERE quick!!!

Much to the delight of everyone, the shirts have gone down very well indeed.

Much so, that its looking like people want more.

So here's a thread for those to express their interest in another (or their first) Sketchy Jersey.

Please be aware, that to get the ball rolling on the initial batch, we acquired sponsorship which brought the cost down due to the large minimum order we needed to collect.

From a personal perspective, I (my company) cannot put any further financial input in this time around, I would assume our other sponsors are in the same boat.

However, as artwork etc all now exists, the minimum order is simply 10 shirts - at their advertised rate of approx £36.80 - this will come down if we can get volumes again.

If you are interested, post here, and we can possibly start the rollercoaster again!  ;D
You beat me to it, was just about to ask if we are going to do another run soon. I'd like another short sleeve and a long sleeve.
I'd have another one, seeing as i tried to rip mine last night! On a good note i chucked it in the machine at 40 and it came out like new! So well done on the top quality garments Ben!
I didnt make them matey! - glad you washed yours first though!  Tongue Big Grin

On a related note, I did promise we would get some quality pics of some of us (or individual rider) to Cycle Jersey for them to put on the site - good bit of promotion for both us and them I reckon.

So.... who has some good ones?
I'd have one for my lad...  he'd love it
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Feel free to use any of the ones i have ben, if you want em higher res just ask and i'll mail them to you. Thinking about it i would probably get another short sleeve and a long sleeve one, they're so good it would seem a shame to wear anything else on the bike!...
Crikey! - looks like we are going to be at 20+ again very quickly!

Top bombing!
In view of my fast approaching return to riding and my undimished desire to race...yes please. They look superb by the way.
Like Nigel, my lad wants one now as well
Think it's time Steve set-up another shared spreadsheet then Wink

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