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How to True a Wheel?

I'm gonna attempt to true my, slightly, pringled front wheel tonight Undecided
I roughly know the theory, but please enlighten me with all your sure-fire methods, so I feel a little more confident...
Had to do this at Bedgebury due to buckling my rear from 9psi farce at Fowlmead. Tried to do it before I left to find that my nipples are too big ooer, on the xt wheels but leadbasher had a suitable spoke key.

I always forget which way to turn them so its trial and error. If you are looking at it and the buckles going to the left then you tighten the spokes on the right and loosen the ones on the left, half a turn at a time around where the buckle is

The best thing to help you is to get a cable tie and tie it round the chainstay or forks etc and cut it down accordingly so that the cut end is only just missing the rim at a true point, then as you spin the wheel you can easily see where the buckle is as the gap will get much bigger or it will rub, far easier than holding a finger in place.
I dont think Id ever attempt to true my own wheel - my LBS only charge £5, worth it for the peace of mind and less hassle... drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.

Something I should learn now doubt, I quite fancy doing a course.
Put your wheel in situ whether that is on a bike or proper wheel jig. Spin it around to see which way its buckled. Identify that over a three spoke length to start off.

Tighening a left nipple will pull the rim to the right, & vice-versa.  If the nipple is already very tight, loosen the nipple on the other side but be aware spokes shouldnt be over-tight or over-loose.... its a touchy feely type thing.

Start form the central nipple of those 3 spokes & tighten / loosen to as required. Turn a quarter to half turn depending upon how out of shape it is. Do this for all three sokes but the out nipples turn slightly less. Spin the wheel & see the difference.. Beware you can go from a slighly buckled wheel to a really buckled wheel just as easy as you can the other way around... After a few adjustments, remove your wheel & lay it flat pressing firmly against the rims to detention any stress on the spokes. Also whilst the wheel is in situ, regularly go around the whole wheel pulling the spokes towards each other for the same reason.

May take some time, but its worth it, & when you get the hang is fairly easy to do.
Only takes a minute so worth trying yourself to save money, just do it as described above
I always use this excellent guide to ensure i don't get too confused. It is really easy to do and very satisfying when you get it right...
On advice from Breezer I use the cable tie method - works a treat. Some patience and practice requried and be careful not to damage your nipples from over-use Big Grin
Obviously i use this excellent guide, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> not the invisible one i posted earlier!
Patience is all that is needed, its really not that hard it just takes a while to get right.

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