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I've got a new bike!
Very nice, prophet is a lovely bike!
One of Pittgoats female friends had a white Pro HT at the Blean ride we did but thats the only one ive seen, no full sussers

Yes the Prophet does look good
good to hear you've finally got it Smile ive been given a date of wednesday/thursday for my forks so if you fancy a ride locally just give me a shout

you got any pics yet Tongue
Mods might want to move this to reviews.

First thoughts are mixed. I love the bike but there a couple of things that are troubling me. The bars seem very wide, ive just been round the warren for a bit and nearly had a crash sneaking through two trees that never caused me problem on my old bike. Not that i want to start chaging bits already, im happy to give it a while to get used to them but if i were to change the bars would it affect the handling of the bike too much?

Secondly, the rear shock seems a bit soft? Even with the seat up very high it seems to sag quite a bit and cant seem to get a proper pedal stroke in? Again im sure this is partly due to me never have ridden a fs before. should i look at putting more air in the shock?

These are my first inital negative thoughts.

On the plus side the Pikes are awesome. i love em, wound right up to 140mm they feel lush. The way the bike sits up at the front when coming down hill is lovely and gives you confidence to go over drops, well the small ones it did today anyway!!

The brakes, oh what a differenece from the cable discs on my old bike. One questions on this though? how should i bed the brakes in?

i'm going to try get up to bbh wednesday night but may not be able to. I will be out thursday though so will up date my thoughts again then.

Here are some pics:


Sorry. I cant work out how to put them up properly!!
need to upload them onlien and then right click propities then copy the adress and wrap [img] [ /img] round it

as for your shock if you do need more air you can pop round and borrow my pump if you dont have one Smile

glad you like the new bike !
Wider bars offer more stability, to an extent.  I'd wait to get used to them before you think about cutting them back.

It feels different to ride a FS but it may be that you need a little more air in your shock.  Check the Fox website for how to set your sag correctly.  A little trial and error may be needed

To post a picture, it needs to be hosted on the web.  Right click the image, copy the location (in properties) and surround with [img ] and [/img ] tags (without spaces between the brackets)

Glad your nitial impressions of the bike are good Smile
I will give it time as the only bike ive ridden before today is an appollo and a spec hardrock sport so it is a bit of a step up.

Half way there, just need to make them bigger??
oo she is a beaut  8)

ill be coming round just to dribble on her Wink Big Grin

have you got a shock pump ? if you need one im only down the road and around the corner Big Grin
I dont have a shock pump so i will use yours when i get a chance. Im going to read the manual and have a look on the fox website to see whats what.

Oh yeah and dint come anywhere near me whilst dribbling!  :X

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