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Dual Booting
Right Geeks...

Following on from the issues of a dodgy HDD, I now have fresh installation running on my fresh new HDD.

Good news is, the OLD HDD is still functioning, so currently I have a Dual Boot PC with seperate vista on seperate HDD's.

I currently like this premise, and I think for safety, common sense etc, I wish to keep this PC as dual boot.

I am going to buy another of these swooshy Seagate drives and use it purely for games and will force disable all other HDD's withing the gaming PC to avoid virus or other problems.

My question is:

How can I make the boot screen more appealing? - currently, when PC boots it just says:

Microsoft Vista
Microsoft Vista

Theres not real way of determining either system.

Is there some better way? (again, no sarky answers please, although I am in better mood today)
Which is your 1st and principle boot drive? If its the old one then its still only a matter of time, if its the new one then its probably ok

You need to be showing hidden files then (I presume its the same on Vista) open c:\boot.ini in notepad  mine looks like this

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

Now very important, ONLY change the bit between the quotes where mine says Microsoft Windows XP Professional. You will have two lines both saying Vista and if you look carefull the disk(*) bit will be different for one of them

Disclaimer: If this kills your Vista install and neither boot I take no responsibility
Erm - Im not sure now which is the principle drive, as after the Bios loading and looking for a CD/DVD I then get the screen with the 2x Vista selections on.

So I guess its still booting from my OLD drive? - The NEW drive is first on the list though? (confused now)

There is no Boot.ini on any drive (and hidden files/folders are showing)
Found it...

Its in MSCONFIG in Vista.

Shows primary boot at C:Windows (which is my new drive)

Secondary is E:\Windows (which is old drive)

timeout of 30secs

No way to rename them though, and from googling seems that without 3rd party software is a daunting process (why so difficult?)
In the bios there will be a list of hard drives and you can change the order so check there but sounds like its the new one and that has the boot file on

Does sound like its asking for trouble to edit..
"Breezer" Wrote:In the bios there will be a list of hard drives and you can change the order so check there but sounds like its the new one and that has the boot file on

Does sound like its asking for trouble to edit..

Yep, which is why I dont think I'll bother.

Its booting automatically first time with new HDD and new vista, Ive shortened the timeout to 15secs.

Once Im 100% Happy with this Vista and business setup, I'll install next new drive which will be for fun and games. When I want to game etc, will boot into second system to avoid any problems.

Will order new drive later now I know its possible.

Will be dumping my original drive as its too risky (it still works though?)
Could do that chkdsk /f /r I mentioned to have it properly mark any bad sectors but I would just dump it as not worth the risk.

Also dual boot for games is a bit excessive, far better off having 2 drives and setting them in a Raid 1 mirror as at the moment if this one new drive fails you lose you windows setup.
But gaming has clearly had a detremental effect to the disk due to the usage as both my fault occurances has arisen AFTER gaming on a Sunday evening.

If I ran RAID then both the disc will suffer the same load(?)

My theory is that I to all purposes have 2 seperate OS systems, 1 for business and normal tasks, 1 for gaming.

When I want to game, I boot into my second HDD and the business HDD is totally off and redundant.

Clearly my current backup practices work as Im up and running in minutes with the emergency laptop and ive not lost a single byte of data - so Im happy to continue that way.
Purely coincedence, would have happened anyway, drives fail from arrival to years down the line for all different reasons

Having some games installed that you play once a week is no different to opening firefox again or something. Having this gaming drive plugged in and spinning whilst not being used is shortening its life just as much as "using it" as a boot drive

The idea of a Raid 1 mirror is that should one drive fail, you still have your installed, patched, configured, working system without having to lose another day reinstalling it again.

If you are happy with just backing up files to an external drive which you can then use on your laptop for the business then ok maybe dont bother with raid on the main PC but you have already ordered another drive and I still see no point in having it dual boot for gaming.
So I can set RAID in a few days or do both have to be started from blank together?

Im 85% there with this PC up and running.

Knowing how sh1t Vista is - its often VISTA that causes problems, therefore RAID will just be doubly useless if Vista decides to fry itself.

A mate of mine has just gone to SP2 and then never booted again! - just rubbish.

If RAID was in place, it wouldnt have saved that occurance would it? as both drives would replicate the problem.

At least with a seperate drive any VISTA AND/OR HDD corruption issues will not be replicated on the other.

My physical files etc are on a third drive of which that one is the one which is backed up twice a day, I dont backup OS drives.

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