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How did you find SketchyMTB?
How did you find SketchyMTB?   Smile

Did you find us on a search engine?
Did you hear about us from a friend?
Did you see one of us wearing a SketchyMTB T-shirt?
Or how else?
I was forced to use it when the boys at Bikeradar had enough of our random ramblings and wanting to trim us down...

Im a Bikeradar Immigrant.
I had no choice, i was told to use it.
Same as Buzz.  Impished said he'd come round my house while i slept and attack my face with a rusty nail unless i used it...

Proud to say i'm also a BR immigrant and an original sketchy member

Was thinking last night how good this forum is becoming - 12 people on a Wed evening blast!  But that's off-topic.
I was minding my own business keeping up with the Bike Radar monster thread, then Ade threatened violence if I didn't tow the sketchy line, i was press ganged into it, like a small boy on a Navy Ship in the 19 century... Shocking really...

Oh and apparently once you join you can never leave...
If you think how far things have come from just a bunch of sweaty blokes talking b*llocks in a thread on BR......

Regular Mass Meets

Racing Team(s)

Own "Sketchy" Jerseys

Corporate Sponsorship


Its a proud achievement, and only achievable by its many helpful and dedicated members (oh and Ade!)  Tongue
Im still waiting my commision for the name "Sketchy"
The first rule of SketchyMTB... you do not talk about SketchyMTB

The second rule of SketchyMTB... you do not talk about SketchyMTB

I came over from BR with the orginal group... how many were there then?

How many are there now?

I joined because I am socially inept and have no friends but like to ride my bike.... its good to be amongest similar people!!    Ha ha
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I was gagged and bound by a strange man...

Once that ordeal was over this site was born and thus I joined.. Guess I'm an mostly original BR immigrant.

I think back on BR we had about 15 people (maybe less), now we've got 70+ members and a good 24 regular riders, closer to 32 if you count ones who come on the occasional ride or come along when we visit their end of town.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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