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My local woods
I went up the local FC woods behind my house yesterday for a while and took my camera. Managed to attach it to the frame itself which gives a better impression of speed when riding alone. I normally mount it on my helmet and unless you are following someone its difficult to get any idea of whats going on. Still not perfect as its too far back so you see a lot of the bike and sometimes my leg but I may be able to attach it further up. It was at least smooth showing that 99% of the vibration issues I have had in the past have been due to the mount which I had improved by cable tieing it tighter and having my helmet clamp mega tight but thats painful!

Slow and noskill as its me and I dont have any but here are a couple of the local runs, clips 2-4 are ones I laid out. It really doesnt like it when the light dips as it loses all colour.

[media width=500][/media]
Thats great... i love the way you can see the forks working....  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Nice vid,  i want to mount mine at that angle sometime.
Nice one Breezer, looks good fun round there. I like that camera position, i found myself transfixed by the fork moving up and down.
The problem is attaching it. As my camera has a flatish side it went up against the frame just above the shock which has a flat section and when cable tied tight it didnt move. The top tube has a flat bit as its kinda triangle shaped so I might be able to move it forward more

What camera do you have Buzz? If its a bullet cam setup you could use one of those torch mounts if your tubes are round but it wont be held solid and in my experience thats what you need to do to avoid shake etc. Mounted on a tightly fitted helmet is probably still better when following someone as this one of mine blocks the forward view a bit to much  but best solution would be more forward view and still have the forks just in it but like a video I did before but that was using a heavy mount designed for rollcages and it only occured to me yesterday that if I had fallen off the clamp would have been fine but it would have bent the downtube so thats going nowhere near the Zesty!

Will play around tonight and show a photo
Yes mines a bullet cam and i currently mount it to my helmet with a velcro mount.

Ive got some velcro straps that i use fir kitesurfing which i may try, i think my tubes are to big for the torch mounts.
What do you use for the recording? A little solid state thing or something?
A small dv camera with a a2d converter input.
Where would you put that then? Presumably its in your backpack currently but not sure if I would want to strap a dv camera to the bike for fear of damaging it or have a cable going back backpack to the bike mounted camera as I know I would get caught up in it or at the very least destroy the socket when falling off
Yup thats why i havnt done it yet, camera goes in my back pack with 2 cables coming out, one goes to the camera and one goes to the mic that mounted on my bag.

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