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Camera mounting
Thought I would start a thread to further a discussion in another one. Up till now I have used my vholdr using its own mount cable tied to my helmet. The issue with most cameras and of course riding off road is the vibrations. I noticed a big improvement if I cabletied it solid to its mount as it had a bit of freeplay and then did my helmet up mega tight with the rear clamp bits but this is uncomfortable after a while and it still shook around a bit.

Last night for this video

[media width=500][/media]

I mounted it like this using a number of cable ties so it couldnt move at all, velcro one is just to show where I had it. The result was smooth so although the bike was moving around a bit, there were none of the normal jerks. Issues are too much bike in the shot and my leg sometimes. I could have put a bit of rubber beside the front of the camera up against the frame to angle it out and so moving the displayed forks to the right which would have given more view of the trail whilst still showing their movement


Looking at the bike now I have noticed that I could also mount it on the front of the shock mount. This would avoid my leg being in sight some times and stop me clipping it occasionally. Downsides is I can see the forks being even bigger and possible blocking out too much of the trail


This one I will be trying on Thursday night when I ride with friends, rear view chase cam using my saddle bag mount, could be interesting!


Without fabricating (bodging) something theres not many other options. Riding alone with it mounted on your head makes it look really slow and gives no impression of speed or contours, its not so bad when following someone. Ideally a bike mounted one to avoid the vibrations and as far forward as possible but still showing at least one fork leg and the top of the wheel is the best set up I think.

Please add to this thread with your own bike setups incase you have any ideas.

(Mods if in wrong area please move but thought this was most relevant)
What camera do you use??
The original vholdr, looks the same as the new one, spec down the bottom  first one was faulty, this one has so far worked ok and its quite good in that its all inclusive. I managed to pursuade my work to buy it for a project that didnt go anywhere so I just "look after it" now. Its ok but doesnt like low light so some dark woods come out almost black and white. The colours and general clarity is also nowhere as good as my £100 digital camera which has a similar spec 640x480 30fps xvid, as this cost £300 ish you would think they would chuck a decent processor in it but the results are murky I think is the best way to describe it. Now I have it mounted ok it does at least work well with no vibrations
Love watching those forks in action.  Interesting thoughts and observations there - i'd have expected it to be less smooth on the bike but clearly not!
As a woman once said to me, its amazing where you can put something with a bit of imagination  Wink

Ignore some of the vibrations as it was only held on with velcro ties and it loses colour in the dark bits. I am looking forward to trying the "chase cam" one near the end which should be great with someone following. May lower it a bit to show the top of the rear wheel though

[media width=500][/media]
Now that is some cool camera work 8)
Really enjoyed that. Wink
Loving the frame mounted one that show the sus. action.
That particular clip was cut short by what can only be described as a near catastrophic camera mount failure  Big Grin
"Breezer" Wrote:That particular clip was cut short by what can only be described as a near catastrophic camera mount failure  Big Grin

post the footage Wink
Great vids it shows just how much work the suspension is doing
What camera is that?

How much did it cost?

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