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Hope pro 2 bearings seizing.
Hi, before committing myself to a new set of bearings, I was wondering if any of you had experienced your rear Hope bearing becoming very stiff a few days after a ride.
I oil before a ride to get the wheel turning again and effectively ride through the stiffness, but would rather sort the problem properly.
Any suggestions?
Do you mean the wheel becomes stiff to turn, or the freehub? I've had the latter occur to both of mine which i've never got to the bottom of, never had the former though.
Thanks for your observation. With the bike inverted, its stiff to pedal and build up speed, then when on freewheel rapidly stops.
Placing the wheel on its side and trickling heavy oil into the bearing cured it today, before going out on a ride. Once I have rescued the bike from its mud cocoon, I will see how the bearings are.
I think I will have them out if I can get a cheap set of tools - drifts are ridiculously expensive. :|
That's wierd, there's not really anything that could cause the wheel to bind like that, even if you miss bits out during reasembly. Can only assume it's the bearings at fault, what bearings are they, and are the double sealed?
Sounds like the bearings are shot. As a short term rescue you can drift out the bearings and regrease but ultimately you've done the hard work so you may as well replace the bearings whilst they are out. Depending upon the profile of your socket set you may get away with using one of those but the proper bearing drifts are massively better to use. If you want Hope drifts, give me a shout as I may be able to get you a good price but I'd also say shop around......but the drifts are bearing size specific, ie drifts for a pro 3 don't fit the pro 2
I will drift them out and replace with a new set from ebay, presently less than a tenner for a rear set. It can be one of my learning protects for the new year. My pro 2 front and rear, Santa Cruz, were second hand off ebay, visually immaculate, but there is always the possibility of needing the rebuild - its all factored in.

The hope pro 2 front and rear drift set, best price, is around £20, which I think is reasonable.
Don't get cheap bearings or you'll be changing them again in a couple of months, make sure they are double sealed. I'd go for SKF's or ones that end in 2RS.
Treehugger Wrote:Don't get cheap bearings or you'll be changing them again in a couple of months, make sure they are double sealed. I'd go for SKF's or ones that end in 2RS.

I second such thing as a cheap quality bearing. They won't be much more from a decent bearing supplier
Sound advice, I will go for those recommended.
Bought the Blue seal bearings, front and rear, might as well remove both - these have the close contact 2RS seals, ebay £15 post paid.
I will let you know how I get on.

After my last ride the bearings remained free wheeling for a couple of days, but now they have almost completely seized up again.

I've found MB Bearings quite convenient.
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