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Front Mech Changing to Granny Ring
Last nights ride proved interesting as I couldnt change down to the granny ring on the front for climbing.

No matter how much adjusting I done on the shifter bezel, nothing was happening.

Am I right in thinking even adjusting the H&L screws will have no effect unless I remove the cable and start again?

Gonna spend some time working on the bike this week so its sweet for the 6hr this Sunday.

Well.....if you have the cable so tight that the mech cant move towards the low stop enough then that will stop it. If however you adjusted it at the shifter so that when it was in the granny position the cable was slack but it still didnt downshift when actually riding under load then it means you need to adjust the L screw so that the mech returns more and comes closer to the bike

I also recall that mabye the top of the chain was rubbing on the mech when in the outer ring at BBH so check its position as well vertically, its outer cage should clear the outer ring teeth by 1-2mm
Its been setup just fine before, so Im assuming its a cable issue on the move - Ive turned the bezel both ways to try and get some extra movement, but with no joy.

I think Im just going to start again, I done a better job than my LBS last time, so worth some time spent on it.

And its NEVER gone well in the big ring on the front - just one of those things I think - just need to find a happy medium.  Im rarely in the big ring unless on the road, so typically in 9th gear on the back so chain is level.

I just need that granny ring due to hauling my fat carriage up the hills.....
If set up right there should be no issue with the outer ring

Have a read of this
Have you looked to make sure no debris has got itself stuck in between the mech & the frame
On that note, if you ever snap a front mech cable when out, a bodge is to wedge a stick between the frame and the front mech so that it holds it in the middle ring position

Also if you snap 2 granny ring bolts and bend it massively, you can remove the others then position the granny ring over the bottom bracket shell and tie it there with your friends sunglasses strap heh
Did you sort out your front mech? I spent a good half hour yesterday adjusting mine. One minute I couldn't get the bottom ring, one slight tweak later and it's pushing the chain of the top. Even more annoyingly, I have no bike stand so was adjusting it with the bike upside down. Worked fine like that  then totally different once I tried a ride.

I've just read that guide above, and have printed it out to have a try when I get home. A mate recently took his to halfords (I know) in Ashford. he reckons the bloke done a great job in a few minutes for £6. But I am very sceptical about going to H*****ds.
Yeh I sorted it out, but time and use have caused it to not be 100% again - so I need to fettle again myself.

Youtube helps: - As demonstrated by David Guest?

[media width=500][/media]
That guy has the worlds most annoying voice. And why is it never that easy for me, i usually have to faff for half hour just to get the right cable tension to get all gears, and don't get me started on the limit screws!
No idea to be honest as its never taken me more than about 2 minutes to setup limit screws front and back, take up the slack in the freshly stretched cable after a few minutes riding and changing gear, job done  Undecided

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