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As you know i had the pleasure of visiting Afan at the weekend! When we were in the forest on the Sunday there was a huge amount of small midges flying around. I have lived all over the world and never been bitten by a midge, so i wrongly assumed they weren't the biting kind. (there is only one species of midge that actually bites Ceratopogonidae) Obviously in my travels i have never encountered them.

After the ride both Mary and i noticed a few red marks but didn't think much of it. Last night however i found my skin was crawling with itchyness (no i haven't been to the brothel recently, or slept with anyone dodgy). Anyway i normally use mind over matter with most insect bites and find it highly effective. This was worse though and in the end we both put some anti histamine cream on.

This morning i could feel the itching but it wasn't too bad. By 11am however it had got to joke levels and i found myself hunting for the cream. Mary had taken it to work so i literally ran to Superdrug and then liberally applied said cream in the middle of Canterbury high street. Thankfully the bites are on my lower legs and arms so no one was too offended.

When i got back i texted my mate Marc who was there with us, he too suffered the same delayed symptoms with about 30 bites. I got bored and counted the bites, i rarely get bitten and pride myself on not being very tasty. I have 76 bites on my lower left leg, 39 on my right leg and a total of 39 on both my arms.

Humans generally have an allergic reaction to the saliva of Ceratopogonidae or biting midges. The itching is described as intense and can last for over a week. I can verify from personal experience that its about as bad as it can get, quite literally drives you mad until you get some cream on it.

So while i am desperate to get on the bike tonight, i will be covering myself liberally in insect repellent. I know most of us forget the repellent, and perhaps we were unlucky with the timing as maybe they had all just hatched from larvae into hungry flies. But looks like i have a fair amount of discomfort ahead...

Next time i will treat midges with a little more respect, evil little buggers...
They maim me alive as well although I was ok when I went maybe as it was cold. Recently up my woods I was there for about 30 minutes with exposed forearms and had over 20 on each.

I often forget my spray which is a pain but it does seem to work quite well. I have bought some more as it was running out, I found it by the sun tan lotion in Tescos
I had the same experience in Coed-Y-Brenin some years ago during a nice leasurly apres-ride beer-up/BBQ
They nearly ate more of me than I ate of the BBQ >Sad
Worse I had was in Canada with these Deer flies, the bites came up about 2" across and OMFG the itching.

(Why is this in Fitness section)
We had that at afan - thousands of TINY little flys hanging around and generally getting in my face....

We luckily took our boots own brand insect repellent which we foolish only applied to our faces to keep the flys away "assuming" they didnt bite - it was more a comfort thing not having things flying around your face.

Next day - BAM! - legs covered in bites, itching like mad - I still have a scab on my left leg where it just kept weeping yellow gunk for several days!...

I hate all flies, and I wish they would die a painful death.
This is now showing in two sections on here, does it just leave what remains of the original thread when you move them? Gets confusing
I put it under fitness as in Health and Fitness, seeing as this could be classed as a health issue! But whatever, the bloody things are annoying. Really want to go and hammer round the woods tonight, but fear getting padded up and rubbing them will aggravate them even more...
"Legless" Wrote:I put it under fitness as in Health and Fitness, seeing as this could be classed as a health issue! But whatever, the bloody things are annoying. Really want to go and hammer round the woods tonight, but fear getting padded up and rubbing them will aggravate them even more...

MTFU Tongue ive only been bitten a few times in my whole life ... must be that teenage musk which deters them Tongue saying that now ive said this i will get bitten teh crap out of next ride  Undecided

breezer:the place it was originally it stays in there as a redirect for a while i think
i'm in exactly the same situation, i've got about 15 on each arm and probably 30 on each leg, i'm using camomile on my legs and nappy rash cream on my arms.

apparently deet is meant to be really good for stopping them biting you, something i'll be investing in next time, as at the moment i'd like to peal my own skin off.
Boots own brand is 50%deet. Once applied to my face the flies literaly dissapeared and wouldn't come near. Shamefully they all headed for my legs!

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