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Visual Noise - Stay Focused
"Breezer" Wrote:Weird that you now cant do it. Perhaps try following your friend in, lower your saddle so you can move around a bit more so you feel more comfortable, do it with no camelbak on so less things distracting you etc.

All good advice mate and all advice I've taken to following years ago.  The biggest single revelation in my riding came about 2006 when a mate of mine said "Drop your saddle when you go downhill" "Eh?" I thought and then I did it and the bike was 200% more manouverable.

I always get the saddle as low as I can as soon as I'm riding something interesting rather than slogging up or along and needing to stretch my legs.  Saw some German on a Specialised up the mountain in Garda who had taken his saddle OFF to do the descent.  Had it strapped to his Camelbak.  Each to his own ! Tongue
Best post in general if want to discuss further heh but Singletrack has a few although I dont know what travel you need

Air ones with quick release, 130mm but can be reduced to 100, very long steerer £125
Back On Topic i have been trying to focus on not braking in corners and metal have to tell myself to take my fingers of the brakes and let the bike grip.  Like this morning on the way to work there is a flat 90 degree left hand corner from a fast hill, i said to myself dont brake and i went around it at 25 mph and it felt the same as when i brake and go around it at about 20. so it is all in the head.
Yes thats another bad habit of mine, dragging the brakes, especially the rear. The only good thing about the OMG noise that was coming out of my rear one at Bedgebury recently was that it forced me to not brake! I even do it in berms with the rear, cant stop myself and often when I dont need to on downhills. I have found the best solution is to force yourself to go "death grip" and just get on with it!

Braking in a bend especially with the front is the last thing you want to do as its going to lose you even more front end grip, now if onyl I could listen to what im saying......

Its the same with roots for example, hit them slow and/or braking and they can be lethal especially if wet but the quicker you hit them and with no braking, 9/10 times they are safer and you end up clearing half of them whereas if you went slower you bash through them all but its all about training your brain to see the logic behind the insanity that going quicker is actually safer and easier
"Breezer" Wrote:Yes thats another bad habit of mine, dragging the brakes,

This is what's happening to me I find.  I'm grabbing the brakes when I know I dont need to.

Last year we did several runs of the very last part of Barry Knows best at Holmbury.  It's pretty steep & rooty and winds through a lot of trees.

The best runs down there by far were when I forced myself not to brake and concentrated on picking the line and running through smoothly.  OK I did hit a tree slightly, once, but I laughed that off pretty much  Wink
Maybe you arent riding enough as that will hold you back and it will get worse with every ride as you take longer to get back to your comfort level which will drop with the less riding you do
"Breezer" Wrote:I have the rather bad issue that I often only visualise the worse whether its on my bike or competing in my car. I see no good of visualising a crash into a tyre wall but I can't stop myself doing it but then im a pessimist so perhaps its related to that. I have been doing a few more small jumps at my regular places this year. One I wasnt sure of so in the end I followed my friend in so I knew the speed and as with most of the others, it was a total piece of p1ss so I went and did about 4 more times straight away by myself!

I didnt do drop offs for years as I fell down about 10 metres when I bottled one too late when in my teens and luckily the bike just missed me. Likewise as I couldnt ride for 18 months when I did my collar bone, I am far more cautious about trees now. I slammed into one with my other collar bone on Sunday but luckily I was only going at walking speed at the time.

I have the fear on my bike but not really in the car... I guess I feel the danger more of physical damage on the bike but in a (competition) car one is cossetted in a roll cage, seat and 6pt harness... so all seems well with the world even if you do happen to hit something. Even in formative years sprinting my road car it's never really been an issue, except for a couple of moments where I thought "if I don't catch this, how am I getting to work tomorrow?"!!!

...on the bike, brushing against trees and even some softer things still reminds me that I'm out there in the open and if I do come off it'll hurt... maybe. Not been off often enough to be comfortable that it WON'T hurt too much is perhaps my issue Undecided
You havent crashed yet when we have been riding. To find your limit you must first go beyond it....
Yeah well only at zero speed spd crash lol... that's the problem though, in the car you can skid/spin to a stop and still be in SOME control whereas on the bike getting it wrong means off the bike... except that monumental slide at Bedgebury when IC was behind me Big Grin
Yep it's definitely all in the head with me. If i have to stop and look at a sketchy section for any length of time then i just think about what could go wrong, instead of visualizing actually clearing the obstakle/drop/jump. I am slowely getting over this a bit, for instance when i did the 180deg wall ride in Glentress. I had no intention of doing it at first as decided it was just too risky, it was only after watching and filming Deadpool and Russ for ages that i just said "sod it, i'm having a go", just thought about riding up the wall, and it was a peice of p!ss (well untill i unintentionally ran out of wall and couldn't work out what to do and neerly had a really bad crash :Smile)

Also following Deadpool around Blean when his rear brake snapped forcing him to drift round some really loose corners has helped me to stop dragging the brakes so much. I reminded myself of this on the same trail tonight and had great fun, i am now not scared of sliding the rear wheel round corners any more Smile

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