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Navigator Racing
Something for the Winter boys & girls, teams of two or four..

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Looked at this years ago via Evans, would love to give it a go
sounds like a plan.. I used to do them fairly regularly but haven't for a few years now... My navigation skills were fairly poor I must say, but th riding was good
&quot;BMJBOY&quot; Wrote:Looked at this years ago via Evans, would love to give it a go

Me too. I love navigation nearly as much as I love mountain biking! Presumably due to all those years I spent in the scouts.
Im a good navigator (no comments please about recent issues in BBH woods - not my fault!) and a poor rider.... so we'd have to work as a team!  Tongue

I think they started giving you GPS coordinates, doesnt say if they still do, but Im all up for a bit of map reading and compass usage....

Never done one.... so count me (and a few others no doubt) in for August.
The Navigation is fairly simple no compasses just need to look out for byways etc (no footpath useage allowed).

Basically you're given a laminated map & sent to a room where all the markers points are. You then copy these down & go to the start finish line. Once you're thro & technically racing they give you a sheet which tells you how many points each marker is worth, some have zero values. You then have to choose what you would think is the best route to get the most points within the time frame allowed (bearing in mind the clock is already ticking down). For each minute you're late back you get points deducted. There can be a fair amount of road riding involved, but still all good fun when that clock is ticking, your 10 miles from base & you only have 30minutes to get back.

I believe there is a GPS class but Im not sure how that works
I don't think this is for me somehow with my navigational skills, or lack thereof Big Grin

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